Hi, and welcome! My name is Emily. I am happily married to an old friend and a stay-at-home mom to our two little girls. Together we are loving life in the Baltimore-DC metro area. I originally started this blog as "The Luckiest" six years ago as a way to journal our engagement and the start of our married life together. Since then it has followed us right into the journey of parenthood- hence the updated title, "The Luckiest {Mama}." At this point I am also ready to take it from a journal to a topical blog discussing everything from marriage & parenting to some of my personal hobbies and passions like photography, running, cooking, DIY projects, cleaning & organization, and homeschooling. I hope you will find what you read here to be useful and helpful. I am always interested in hearing from readers, so feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment.

Thanks for visiting! :)

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