Saturday, February 11, 2012

Truant = Me

Yeesh, have I been absent or what? My apologies! It's just that the painting is going so swimmingly (really). I have the entry way, living room, and play room complete and I have cut in most of the kitchen (that takes forever, you know with the cabinets and all). Everything is just kind of a mess though so I haven't done any "after" pictures of the completed rooms because I haven't had time to straighten them up into photo-readiness!

Then there's the kitchen- which I'll be honest, it's not much of a transformation in terms of color. The new color is similar enough to the old one that when looking from the living/play room into the kitchen you could probably mistakenly think the rooms are the same color. You can definitely tell the difference when you look at where I've cut in compared to the color on the walls and luckily I do like the new color better.

However the kitchen is a complete nightmare right now. We have a hutch on one wall that houses some random stuff, cook books, a few small appliances, and the liquor. I hate the hutch. It's beyond Ikea cheap. The fake-wood paper is peeling off of it. It's that cheap. Someone generously gave it to us when we were first moving into our house and at that point we felt like we could use the extra storage. Well... I'm over it. So, in addition to our counters and table being covered in all things that were displaced due to painting, I am also clearing out some rarely/never used items to donate so I can make space for things from the hutch in order to get rid of the hutch. All this shuffling and rearranging has the kitchen looking like a serious disaster area, but I see no point in moving the hutch to paint behind it and then putting it right back. Once it's out of the kitchen it's staying out. So I must find homes for the items that we want to keep so that I can finish painting and send it on it's way. I truly can't wait to be done with all of this simply so things can be back in order!

In other fun news, we are in the process of selecting our new appliances! The Maryland appliance tax holiday is coming up next weekend (Feb. 18-20) and we'd love to take advantage of it. We can only get a refrigerator tax-free, but hey, as the most expensive by a long shot of our three appliances, we're happy to take any break we can get! We've done some online research and feel like we have our brands narrowed down. We also feel like we have a good idea of what we're looking for in each appliance- stainless, mid-grade features, and the whole shebang totaling less than $3k. So far, we seem to be in luck. We've even found free delivery deals so we shouldn't have to pay any extra for that.

Long story short, we have been busy busy busy around here. The main nap time goal continues to be getting the hutch cleared/kitchen painted. Then we'll be setting up our tile installation with some peeps we know who have tile-laying experience but won't charge us more than some beer and pizza to get the job done :)  Also on the radar we have our close and dear friends coming to town on Wednesday for a 2 week visit! That whole family truly is my other family. I'll give you more deets on how we got so close when I blog about our sure-to-be-outrageously-fun time together :) I'm fairly certain there will be play dates galore and there is already a night of partying planned for us and a few other mutual friend/relative couples. I'm so excited I can't stand it! Why did they ever move to Texas anyway?!? Some things we'll never know.

Well, it's getting late here and tomorrow brings a morning of appliance hunting! Try not to be too jealous ;)  I'll try to get back here before long to let you know how that goes!

As they say in Texas, "Adios, y'all!"  (Did I get that right? ;)

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see the finished pictures, I'm super excited for the kitchen! I love remodels! Good luck with your shopping adventures! Enjoy your visit with your friends/family!


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