Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"O"ctober Outlook

Did anyone out there experience something known as September?? If so, please leave me a comment to let me know what it was like. I think I blinked and missed it. The other day I said something about my nephew being 9 months old... his first birthday is in 2 weeks :-/

So here we are in October already. It's like driving home after a long day at work. You pull up in front of your house and you don't remember a thing about driving there. Scary! October is probably going to be much the same for us since we have a jam. packed. month. Every weekend is full, and not just play date full, but major life event full. Here are our plans at a glance...

  • Family Party
  • Trip to the pumpkin patch / fall fun day
  • J's sister moving into a new apartment
  • J's birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday, 3 nephews' birthdays, my BFF's birthday
  • My sister moving into a new house
  • J's sister's wedding
  • The big day when we find out if our new baby is a boy or a girl!
Luckily these are all fun, exciting events that we're looking forward to, so it's definitely a busy month in a good way. Add on top of these events the fact that our beloved Os are in the playoffs for the first time in 14 years!! We're super excited and hardly know what to do with ourselves since the Os are usually so far out of contention by this time of year that we just move on to football. Now we have Os games and Ravens games to keep up with! The truth is as much as we'd love to see the Os go all the way, after the last many years of losing seasons, they just could not possibly disappoint us now. Even if they didn't make the playoffs, it was still our best season in over a decade. If they're knocked out of the playoffs, at least they made it to post-season!  If they end up in the World Series that's more than any Os fan could have hoped for. It's just a great season to be a fan!

With all the excitement, I'm going to say that there will be lots of posts for you to read about the fun we're having rather than say that I might be blogging less because we're busy. Here's hoping I can keep up!

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