Saturday, August 3, 2013

Life With Two: Part 2

What better way to describe what life is like with our two girls than a "day in photos" post? It's been a long time since I've done one of these and it was a bit more tedious to remember to photograph everything while taking care of two little ones, but I think this captures our day(s) pretty accurately.

The day begins whenever Reagan decides she's up for the day, which is usually somewhere between 7-8:00. I start by feeding her. Sometimes Carsen is already awake but she generally just looks at books while she's waiting for us to come in and get her.

After she eats, Reagan hangs out on the bed while I get dressed and ready for the day.

Once I'm ready, we head into Reagan's room and get her dressed. Then we go in and get Carsen. Carsen loves for me to put Reagan in bed with her so they can snuggle and talk to each other. This is when I grab Carsen's clothes for her.

We head downstairs and Carsen gets dressed while I get our breakfast ready.

Today it was baked cheesy eggs (pre-made, Reagan doesn't allow much time for cooking breakfast!)

While breakfast is heating I make my coffee.

Reagan swings in the swing (or plays on the floor, etc) while Carsen & I eat.

After breakfast, it's play time!

Around 10:00 Reagan is ready to eat again and take her morning nap. I usually just let her nap on the couch or in her bouncy chair right in the living room. Taking her upstairs would mean leaving Carsen unattended downstairs for 20 minutes or so and I'm not crazy about doing that.

Carsen does her best to play quietly while Reagan naps.

After Reagan wakes up, usually around 11-11:30, we go out to take care of any errands we need to run. This was a Friday which means gas and grocery store! If we don't have errands to run we'll use this time to go to the park or play outside at home depending on the weather.

We're in-and-out of the store with 2 weeks of groceries in less than an hour and less than $100. My secret: meatless dinners! Shhh... don't tell my husband ;)

When we get home, it's 12:30 which is lunch time for Carsen and bed time for Reagan. I put Carsen in her high chair to eat while I take Reagan upstairs for her nap.

I'm back downstairs by 1:00. While Carsen finishes her lunch, I make something for myself. 

When Carsen is done eating, she goes potty and I take her upstairs for bed. I'm usually back downstairs around 1:30-1:45 to finish my lunch and clean up a little. Some days I clean the house during nap time {dusting, cleaning floors, laundry, etc} and other days I just tidy up and then either do a workout, a DIY project, or just catch up on emails. This day I did some yoga. Reagan still wakes up once or twice during her naps sometimes so yoga or another strength training workout make it a little easier {vs. a run on the treadmill} to stop for a minute and run upstairs if needed.

*Side note... I use an app on my phone called All In Yoga for my yoga workouts. You just pick a program and hit start and it's like having your own instructor in your living room. It talks you through the workout just like a yoga instructor at a studio, complete with relaxing background music :)

Then, the tiny girl wakes up around 3:00. {If you notice the time on the screenshot above, you'll see that I got in about 15 minutes of my workout before it ended. C'est la vie!} 
Time for a diaper change and a feeding.

We enjoy some mommy-Reagan one-on-one time while Carsen is still napping.

Carsen is usually up between 4-5:00. When she gets up, she has a snack and then we just play until Josh gets home from work. When he gets home he takes over the playing while I make dinner.

Friday we had dinner plans with friends, so when Carsen woke up and Josh got home we piled into the car and headed out to their house about an hour away.

Our friends have a 10-month old daughter who our girls thought was just awesome :)

After a delicious dinner, our friends took us to a nearby farm which has a creamery. Carsen loved visiting all the animals and of course enjoyed some fresh ice cream.

After ice cream we headed back home for bed time. On an ordinary night, we start baths around 7-7:30.  After baths I put Reagan to bed while Josh gets Carsen ready for bed and snuggles with her. Once Reagan is in bed, I go in to kiss Carsen and she usually begs me to snuggle for a few minutes which I can't really say no to. After snuggles I either take my shower, or head back downstairs to hang out with Josh. Sometimes there are residual chores like laundry to fold or dishes, but I like to use that time for Josh and I as much as possible. We are usually in bed around 10:30-11:00 and ready to start it all over again the next morning!

Some days are crazier than others, but I have to say that I wouldn't have things any other way. I'm quite in love with our little life and the cute people I get to share it with :)

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