Friday, January 25, 2008

The Zone

So much for the regular posts that I talked about last time. I thought I would be less busy after the wedding but I really don't feel like I am! So since I had a free minute I decided I'd post at least something. I've been meaning to for a while now.

Right now my students are doing something like what was D.E.A.R. when we were little. Except theirs is called "Reading In The Zone." It's weird, but it's 20 mintues of silence when I sometimes get something done. Today I didn't really have anything pressing to do since I had a cancelled meeting this morning during which I got much done. I started out reading Laura's blog, and then realized I had already read most of it. So I decided it might be a good opportunity to write something in my own blog.

"How's married life?" is something that everyone's been asking since the wedding. And I always say, "so far, so good!" because really what could go wrong in the first month? Life is very much the same for us as it was before the wedding because as we had said many times, marriage is a state of mind. It doesn't feel any different. It feels like you had a big party and a big vacation and now you're official. I guess people expect that it would feel like a big change and for some I know it is. For us, we had been married in our hearts for a while by our actual wedding day.

Unfortunately I haven't yet had the time or patience to attempt posting pictures on here like Laura does. Her blog is full of the cutest pics of her baby and their little family. She posts regularly and they're always hilarious. She's really my blog mentor. I aspire to blog like her. But the good newsis that our photographers are mailing out our preview package this weekend and the pictures should be posted online by the end of next week. Hooray! Then we'll be able to share them all with everyone. That was the second most popular question after the wedding - when do you get your pictures? I'm very excited to look at them myself on top of being able to show them to all the family and friends who have asked for them over and over.

And on one last sad note before my 20 minutes of silence expires... the schedule is about to get busier again next week. I begin my second semester of grad school on Wednesday night. I'll be in class on Weds. from 6:45-8:45 and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30. Both classes will be at the Columbia campus which is a blessing because it's basically across the street from our house. That will maximize the time I get to spend at home also. Last semester I was commuting to Rockville on Wednesdays and that was rough.

So hopefully I'll have fun and exciting things to post on here soon.... for now I must go. It will be my goal not to wait as long between posts as I did this time. Wish me luck!

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