Monday, February 11, 2008


I know it's actually Sunday and not Friday, but the title does play into the story I'm about to tell. See, two years ago tonight, a friend and I met up for drinks. We hadn't really hung out together for quite some time except that he had thrown a party about a month earlier and I went to it. We started talking more after that and around the beginning of February decided we should get together sometime soon for drinks to catch up. Since it was close to Valentine's day and neither of us had dates, we said we'd get phone numbers for each other while we were out. That night we met up after work at TGIFriday's in Reisterstown. We ended up having such a wonderful time talking and laughing even though we never got phone numbers for each other. We started hanging out more often after that. I went to other parties he had, and he came over to watch tv and hang out at my apartment. By the end of May we were dating, by August we were engaged, and a year and a half later.... we're married!

So tonight, Josh and I thought it would be fun to eat some of the extra wedding cake we had to celebrate! It's not the top layer, that we'll save for our anniversary. But his mom did have everything else wrapped up and sent home with them. So we had a bunch of cake, and apparently our families feasted on the dinner food for the whole week we were away in Aruba.

We were sitting under a blanket his grandmother made us on the couch watching tv and I said, "if you had told me that night that in 2 years we'd be sitting together under a blanket your grandmother made us for our wedding, I can't imagine what I would have thought." I love taking time to marvel at our relationship and really think about how blessed we are that things turned out the way they did.

As they say, it all happens for a reason :o)

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