Thursday, April 9, 2009

Productivity Rules

Today was SUPER productive! I got lots done around the house. I chatted with my sister to coordinate Easter dinner, changed the bed sheets, got Sue's oil changed, vacuumed and mopped the whole main level and gave Sheppie a hair cut! How much do I rule? :)

Even with all that I obviously had time to research new blog backgrounds, choose one, and adjust it's fonts/colors. What do you think? I'm definitely happy with it for now. It's different. It looks a little more like a web page instead of a scrapbook page and I think I like that about it. A big plus is that it's a picture of a beach and I adore the beach.

I have had so much fun being productive today. There are so many things around my house that go undone while I'm trying to keep up with work. There are many more that I didn't get to, but whenever something gets clean, I always feel much better. Cleaning the floors was particularly important today because tomorrow we're having Empire come and give us an estimate for new flooring on the main level. I meant to go to Lowe's and Home Depot to get a comparison, but I just didn't get around to it today.

I can't wait to get our new floor down. We've been waiting to do it until Ben and Jenna were able to take their couches from us. We figured it would be easiest to do if there weren't couches in here to move around. Then we also decided that since we don't want dark wood on the floor with light wood cabinets in the kitchen, we had to decide what to do with the cabinets. We really don't want to have to tear out the ones we have and install new ones. That is the costliest option, and there's nothing wrong with the ones we have. Particularly since we don't want to invest heavily in this house and end up not getting our money back out of it. So I think we've decided to refinish the cabinets by painting them white. I've read a lot about re-doing kitchen cabinets and refinishing is always what is mentioned as the easiest way to give a kitchen a face-lift. Plus, to refinish them in any other stain of wood would still mean one wood on the floor with a different wood on the cabinets and I don't like that look. So while we're putting in new floor and refinishing the cabinets, we decided it's probably wise to go ahead and paint the walls too. Fortunately I already have a color picked out! Those improvements are going to be happening very soon in the next couple of weeks whenever we can find some free weekend time to get it done. The only things we aren't changing right now are the counter tops and appliances, but I wouldn't be sad to replace either of those in the next year or two either.

I think I might continue my productive streak by grading some papers that I brought home with me over the break. No fun, I know, but it's better than waiting until Monday (last day of break) to realize that I never worked on them and now it's crunch time. My grades have to be turned in I think by next Thursday for report cards, so they really shouldn't wait. I might as well get them done while I have the time. Josh is playing a video game because his tv show was a rerun, so this seems like an opportune time.

Here's to productivity!

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  1. oh oh ooooohhhhhh you rule! I can't wait to hear and see what the changes look like! Good luck with everything!


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