Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trying to be Spring

Today it finally feels like spring! The sun is out, the temperatures are somewhere in the 60s, and all the trees are blooming! See my header if you're wondering what the tree in our front yard looks like. SO pretty against the blue sky, sooo annoying all over the sidewalk :) Hahaha, but there are other reasons it feels like spring. One of which is because as of 11:10 am yesterday, I am officially on spring break until April 14th! Hooray! I celebrated by meeting my friend Leighanne (a fellow JHU grad student and Howard County social studies teacher) for a few drinks after school let out. In the spirit of nice weather I had Sam Adams Summer Ale and it was fantastic! Then we went to the Beck parents' house to have dinner with them, and Connor and Kelly, and Jennie and Michael. It made for an enjoyable, laid back Friday night.

Today we had no plans except Josh had a non-work-related meeting to go to this afternoon. So we got up, had a casual breakfast, I showered, and Josh went to his meeting. While he was gone I had to stop at Target where I bought not one, but TWO new pairs of flip-flops [see Jenna? other people blog about things that are not world-changing :)]. Both are incredibly cute and I'm wearing one pair right now. After Target I wanted to take Sheppie over to the park. Last time we had nice weather and tried to go to the park, there wasn't a parking space to be had. I expected the same today, but surprisingly found a spot right near our favorite tree [yes, in all of Centennial Park, we have a favorite tree]. It didn't take long to realize why there was an empty space. I lugged my backpack [full of papers to grade], the picnic blanket/cushions, dog on a leash, and can of coke over to the place I wanted to sit down. This was somewhat challenging but nothing compared to trying to get the picnic blanket spread out. What I failed to take into account here was that there is actually a weather advisory today for wind-gusts. As I'm trying to spread the blanket and it's flapping all over the place, Sheppie is freaking out and trying to get away from it. Since he's on a leash all that did was pull my hand and cause me to spill my coke. Grrrrr. All the while, the cushions that go with said blanket are flying away. So I put down the coke and the blanket and took off after the cushions dragging the dog behind me. Once I gathered the cushions I wadded up the blanket, threw my backpack back on my shoulder, picked up my coke and left. How lame.

I fully planned on setting up outside on my deck when I got home so I could still grad papers outside. But then I wanted to change my blog header, and that led to lots of blog reading, and then this here blog post. Lucky for you, I just got a call from our dinner guests- Jennie and Michael who are on their way to our house. So I will have to call it a day on here and get myself together a little bit before they arrive!

Happy spring :)

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  1. I was reading this on my iphone in the the car last night and was laughing so hard John was questioning my sanity (which he continued to do so when I got home and talked with Amberly later too, you two are fuuuunay!) anyway thanks for the great story and laugh! Enjoy your spring break! Mine was two weeks ago and Andraya's is not this week but next week, she gets Good Friday in there too ;0)


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