Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

Somehow I thought I'd have time this week to do a big update post -- HA! I think that's my blogging problem, that I wait and wait because I want to write some large profound post full of pictures. Pictures just take so long to upload sometimes and then composing the post... I just always feel like I never have time. What I need to do instead is write small posts every day.

Well, tonight was Ben and Jenna's rehearsal dinner and tomorrow is the WEDDING! I'm so excited. Rehearsal went beautifully! Dinner was amazing - I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. I have a lot of pictures that I can't wait to post... but we'll see if that happens. You may have to end up checking facebook or Picasa to see them ;]

Right now its time for me to write my speech -- I'm the opening act tomorrow before dinner! I'm really excited about it. It hit me months ago that I'd like to say what I'm going to say at the wedding. So I asked Ben and Jenna if I could speak and they said I could. So now its 11:00 the night before the wedding and I haven't written the speech! I've thought about it extensively though so I'm not too worried.

I also need to shave my legs tonight! What am I doing on BLOGGER?! Hahaha! Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early to pick up my present for Jenna (shhhh, she doesn't know) and some breakfast for the girls. My hair is being done at 10:30 so after that I'll probably come back over to mom's to do my make-up and get dressed -- and of course I'll be taking pictures non stop :]

I caaaaannnnn't wait!!! The best part (besides my little brother marrying his soul mate, and me getting an official little sister) is going to be partying like CRAZY with all of our friends and family. The last time we did that was our own wedding, but when you're the bride and groom, you really get so little time to just socialize without caring. There's a schedule and always something that you're doing. So tomorrow night will be amazing fun :] We're staying the night right there at the resort, so we don't have to worry about driving. We do have to get up Saturday morning to take the newlyweds to the airport, but then we're going to the Strawberry festival at the Sykesville Fire Hall to have strawberry shortcake for breakfast! (I know, does this weekend GET any better?)

Life rules. What else can I say? :]

(stay tuned for pictuuuuuurrrrrres!!!)

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  1. I'm pretty safe in guessing you won't see this until after the wedding, so I'll say I hope it was more fun than imagined and that you and Josh had a glorious weekend together :0) I for one can't wait to see pictures, but from following your blog I won't hold my breath for 'em hahahahahhahahahaha! ;0) ;0) I too feel the pain of uploading pictures and waiting to write something great to find yourself with no time to do it, you're a busy woman :0) But sometimes that's the best way to live life, always being full of things to do and people to see and finding those quiet moments alone with the one you love :0) It's almost summer!


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