Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 1

I just wanted to let everyone know that I survived my first day back to work! Not only did I survive, but it was a rather productive day. I set up my desks and cleaned out all the stuff I had jammed into my file cabinets at the end of last year. I also cleaned out my own desk - also stuffed full of junk at the end of last year. Everything is now nice and clean.

I didn't get to bring in any of the stuff that was in my car (everything I brought home with me). And I went to the store in the middle of the day to get some other stuff I realized I needed, like tape to put my posters up. By the time I made it back after going to the store it was around 3:30. I started on a project that I realized I could be finishing at home. So I packed up. But on the way home I realized there were several stops it would be wise of me to make so I didn't have to do them tomorrow. After making those stops I finally got home around 5:15. So it was a slightly longer day than I had originally planned on, but productive nonetheless.

On my way home I picked up such important items as fabric to cover my bulletin board and an organizer for our mail (which is already out of control, but we're about to add Jennie's stuff to that). Sadly when I got home there wasn't enough time for anything good to thaw out so we ended up having hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner. I guess I shouldn't say "sadly" since I do like hot dogs and mac.

Speaking of picking up things... here's something I couldn't find: a Maryland flag. Not even the teacher store had them! Sad. I wanted one to put in my classroom and maybe one for home. Our living room has taken on a sort of "coastal" motif, so I thought I'd go with Maryland coastal / Annapolis and toss in little Maryland elements like the flag. I have a little fall arrangement of black-eyed susans which will also look really cute when I get them out (not quite time yet!). Anyway, I had to go online to search for Maryland flags and found them here for $1.60, in case anyone else needs a Maryland flag. They have all different sizes and materials. I just wanted a little stick-flag (hence, $1.60).

Well that's my exciting news for today. If you'd like to know what I'll be up to tomorrow it will probably involve putting up posters, my bulletin board, and writing up a syllabus. Possibly copying some first assignments, but I'm not sure yet.

Have a good one!

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  1. haha! You crack me up girl! I looooove reading your blogs! I'm glad to hear you survived your first day back, and I'm really excited and hopeful that this year will go more quickly and smoother than last year since you have all your lesson plans in place from last year! You have REALLY opened my eyes to how hard (well okay harder, I already appreciate and aknowledge how hard) teachers work, wow woman, KUDOS to you! Where did you get your mail organizer btw? I've been looking for one too and can't find one that I like. Any tips?


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