Thursday, January 14, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Some quotes from my workday today. Yes, one day before exams.

  • From a parent, via email this morning:
"I just wanted to make sure you received the tissues [child] brought in for extra credit. He's so close to that C."

  • From students:
Child: "Can I stay after school today for help, because I don't get this."
Me: "What are you having trouble with?"
Child: "Everything. This whole quarter."

Child: "What should I do if I don't learn by reading and writing things down?"

One child raised his hand no less than a dozen times to explain to me why I should be assigning extra credit to help their grades between now and, well, their exam on Tuesday.

After explaining that extra credit was not what they needed if they were displeased with their grades at this point (and that I would not be giving any extra credit), another child boldly asked if I would be giving extra credit for third quarter.

GT students, people. It's frightening.


  1. gah ya know what, I completely agree with you! It IS frightening how LAZY kids are today! Not just academically, but honestly, that's the most important part! If you can't LEARN anything and take knowledge seriously, how do you plan to move forward in life!? And also, it's a lot to do with todays parents and their drive to be the "best friend" instead of the PARENT.Kinda scares me to think how bad things'll be by the time my kids reach high school :0/ It's like good parenting is a lost art!

  2. BAAAAAAAAAHahahahahahaaa!!! I was hoping you blogged today :] Always entertaining!


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