Monday, February 22, 2010

It's All Good

I would venture to say that I started today with the wrong attitude. After being off work for so long due to the two huge snow storms, and then going in only 3 days last week 2 hours late each day, I was definitely out of my routine. Knowing that I was going to have to get up at 5:30 again this morning put a huge damper on my weekend even. It's unfortunate that I feel that way about going to work, but Josh gave me a good perspective: every day you get up and go to work is another day closer to the baby. I told myself that this morning as I was trying to get myself ready, barely conscious. It was incredibly hard to get out of bed and then leave the house knowing that Josh would be home all day too.

My morning started off pretty quietly as it usually does. Unfortunately my classes tend to get a little more annoying as the day goes on. Today was also a B-day and my b-day class is my least favorite by a good stretch. I decided not to let them bother me today. Well they bothered me, but I refused to lose my cool. I may have stopped them and collected their work on the spot because they were talking instead of doing the assignment, though. Then a good number of them failed their quiz and I took joy in that. Sad, right? But the important thing is that I survived. Then I dealt with my sixth period who was missing a very key player today. That made them somewhat tolerable instead of totally obnoxious.

The redeeming moment of the day came about 3 minutes after the dismissal bell (and I thought nothing could make me happier than the dismissal bell). My department leader came in and said that he got my substitute all lined up for my maternity leave. We'd been talking about it earlier in the day and he suggested that before we solidify anything, we should see if Johns Hopkins U. would let our intern (working with the government teacher) cover my absence as part of her internship. This would be handy because she'd be familiar with the school and policies and it would be a great opportunity for her, plus she'd get paid for her internship time. As it turns out, they approved! If that's not good enough news, my department leader then tells me that he's going to give her a few days to wrap things up with the government classes and then transition her to being my intern for the next 8 weeks between now and when I go on leave. That's right people, someone else is going to take over teaching all of my classes for my last 8 weeks before I peace out for the rest of the school year! How amazing is that? And she will be so perfectly equipped by that time to just keep on doing what she'd been doing. She'll know the kids, they'll know her, she'll know the curriculum and actually be able to plan her own lessons and grade papers.

It couldn't be more perfect. I am so excited. Seriously, the miracles never cease.

Speaking of miracles, please take a minute to visit Planted and Blooming and click the button on the left. There is a family in need of a miracle. And if God can bring Stellan into this world alive and well (and keep him that way for over a year now), then He can work miracles for baby T.

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  1. EM That's AWESOME!!! That should make the next 8 weeks so much more bearable... minus the waking up at 5:30 part of course - I suppose you'll still have to deal with that. But whatev - you can do it! And like Josh said, every day is one day closer to baby day ;]


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