Saturday, February 6, 2010

SNOW Place Like Home

Here we are totally snowed in again! This time we were a little more prepared, and didn't have a 2-year old snowed in with us like 2 weeks ago :] We also planned ahead and decided to get started on the baby's bedroom today since we weren't going to be able to go anywhere or have any other plans. Here's what it's looking like outside (around noon) and the snow is supposed to fall through 9/10:00 tonight!

The baby room had been painted charcoal gray since it was being used as Josh's music room. But now that its going to be a baby girl's room, it needed to be painted. Her bedding that we've chosen is pink-based but has a lot of purple in the details, so we thought a very light purple would be cute for the walls. This way we don't have to try to perfectly match shades of pink or purple but everything should pretty much compliment everything else. I still need to buy something from the bedding collection to match the paint color with.

Today we focused on getting all the music equipment and furniture out of the room, taping, and priming the walls. Here's how it went...

Going from charcoal gray even to the white primer has been a huge difference. It looks so strange in there. Josh and I both really liked the charcoal gray so I'll admit to being a little sad that we had to paint over it so soon but of course it's worth it to be making a bedroom for our baby girl :] Josh has already asked if he can paint the part of the basement that will become the new music room. I said yes. I will never deny that kid a music room.

If you don't already know, I've gotten my baby room design inspiration from my friend Jenn! Jenn is amazing at making expensive projects affordable. She did a fabulous faux-wainscoting in her little girl's bedroom and I loved it so much that I'm copying the idea. Don't worry, Jenn approves and even teaches me her brilliant home project tricks. I know, what a great friend, right? I do love her. Below is a picture of her baby's bedroom. Ours will look similar but with light purple walls up top and dark wood baby furniture.

What do you think? How beautiful is that wainscoting? It's pretty easy to create so as we get started I'll keep you posted on how it goes. We still need to do our measuring and buy the supplies, but due to the snow there's little chance of that happening this weekend. I'm just happy we have the project under way!

We still have lots of cleaning and rearranging to do in the basement since that's where all the music room stuff went. I'd also like to get some other general cleaning and organizing done while we're trapped inside. Might as well, right? My other option is baking/eating... :]

How did you spend the snowy weekend?


  1. I'm so famous! :) I think it your room will look adorable and I can't wait to see how it turns out! The faux wainscoting is not too hard, but it is kinda tiring, so be sure to keep lots of drinks and patience close at hand. :) Can't believe how much snow you guys are getting, yikes! I have cabin fever just seeing the pictures. :)

  2. Congratulations Emily and Josh! What an exciting project to start <3 You have what, a little over two months left now? It's going to pass so quickly, I am just oh so thrilled for you two! First babies are so magical <3 I can't wait to see how the room turns out, you should post pics of the new music room too! You think you'll paint it the same gray as sweet baby girls room used to be?Good luck with the rest of your cleaning and organizing!


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