Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Monday

Oh my, what a Monday. Well, I know I've missed a Say What?! Wednesday last week, and I haven't posted the latest pictures of the growing belly.

I'll start with some Say What?!

Interim reports went home with kids on Friday. Naturally then, I received half a dozen emails from parents regarding the immediate necessity to meet. Two of those students have Cs.

One of those students did in fact have an E. This wasn't because he's a struggling student, but because he had been absent a few times and missed 2 quizzes and 2 homeworks as a result. His mother was hysterical. Her hostile email accused the following:
  • I had not told her her son had an E
  • She did not know he was missing assignments
  • He could not possibly have an E for a quiz he was absent for (ahem... and never made up)
So I had to try to calmly respond that
  • All of her son's grades are posted online and have been since November, so I did not in fact keep any information from her
  • Her son had already made up one of the two quizzes, it was just after I had to submit my interim grades
  • He handed in both of his missing homework assignments today, indicating that he did in fact have his make-up work, he just hadn't handed it in.
This is why they can't keep teachers.

On a happier note... Carsen is growing like crazy :] We are 36 weeks along today! Next week Carsen will be a full term baby. I can't believe it! The time has really gone by so much faster than I thought. Here's what we look like this week.....

Things are getting a little stressful as we come down to the last few weeks. I'm not at all worried about the baby aspect of it, but more so with finishing my internship and the papers I have to write for the class. I also need to get stuff together for my substitute, but I'm planning to do that this week after my many many conferences :]

Ahhhh, 2 more weeks until spring break!


  1. My goodness, Em - she really IS growing like crazy! I feel like I can actually see a difference even though it's only been just over a week since I saw you last! It really has gone by so fast - I can't believe she's almost a full-term baby!!! I'm sure that the craziness with school (both teaching and attending) has made it really fly by for you. Home-stretch timeeeee!!!

  2. I agree with Jenna, these weeks will fly by because you have so much to do! (that's much better than sitting at home thinking about when the baby will finally put in her appearance) trust me on this one. lol. :) I can't wait to see pictures of Carsen and I'm just so happy for you and Josh.


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