Thursday, March 11, 2010

Say What?! [Thursday]

Just thought I'd change things up a bit this week to see who's paying attention! It's a teacher trick. Jenna passed :]

So, in the middle of class, as always, a girl raises her hand.

Girl: Mrs. Beck! Is that a winter coat and scarf??
(I have my coat and scarf on a 3M hook by my desk)
Me: Yes....
Girl: Why are you wearing that in the middle of spring?!
Me: It's been 50 degrees for two days.

Although I've got to say I'm pretty sure the snow is behind us. Kind of makes me sad, I was hoping for one more big storm in March since it's such a long month with no breaks. My hope for that is fading fast. At the same time, I am such a summer girl that I usually love nothing more than to see the warm weather settle in. And while 50 degrees isn't very warm, we've hit 60 a few times this week and I am not complaining. I wore sandals to work today (maybe not the best idea since they were a little snug) and I might actually be disappointed if temperatures went back down to the 40s or lower. I could really skip spring altogether except the enjoyment I get out of the whole build-up to summer. It's usually my most frustrating season because temperatures go up for a few days and then drop way back down.

Well I guess the weather is really all else I have to share today. I had two baby showers over the past weekend but everyone else has the pictures. This coming weekend we have two birthday parties (including Leo's 5th!) on Saturday and a baptism on Sunday. I'm excited, although not sure when I'm going to rest!

Ok. Time to get working on my to-do lists. Some call it nesting. I call it:
1. I need to graduate and I'm running out of time to clock internship hours/write papers, and
2. I have to do all of my work for work prior to being out for 9 weeks!

Add nesting on top of that because we still need to get our house in shape to welcome a baby and do all the things that won't get done once all of our time is taken up by staring at her :]

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