Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Change Anyone?

I've made a couple of minor changes to my blog. Can you tell what they are? Don't all call out at once! I do need a little help though. I've found an adorable picture that I wanted to include as part of my header, but I'm having a hard time editing it to the right size and such. Does anyone know how to do Paint-like operations on a Mac? I have Picasa3, iPhoto, and Aperture 2.

What I really need to do is add white space to the picture. In Paint you would open the picture, and then drag your "palate" to make it bigger. Then when you save the picture it would include that extra palate space. I need to do that with this picture but I don't know how with the programs I have. Any advice?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the changes I made also :]

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  1. Loving the new title! And super-cute background ;] I'm really looking forward to your mommy-ing posts!


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