Monday, May 17, 2010

Strike That

What I said yesterday about my good little sleeper came back to haunt me last night. It was probably the toughest night since the first night we were home from the hospital. She slept, but only in short bursts, and fussed otherwise unless I held her pacifier in her mouth. This all ended around noon today and the peace was shortly followed by three full #2 diapers in as many minutes. Luckily the rest of this afternoon she's been a peach!

Just thought I'd share that little piece of irony. Kids love to make a liar out of you :] Good thing they're so cute!


  1. Poor little babies who can't tell us what's wrong...and then we figure it out the hard way lol! But you're right, it's a good things babies are so cute with all of the shenanigans they pull!

  2. I actually thought earlier today as I was reading your last post- "Oh Em! You totally just jinked yourself" How razy! But, I am glad that it is going so great other than last night :)


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