Friday, March 25, 2011


That's how many months it's been since my baby girl was born. I can hardly believe it, but I don't need to explain that to those of you who are moms. And those who aren't parents, you've heard the "time flies" thing so many times that it barely holds any meaning. Plus it's altogether different when you're talking about your baby. No offense, but you wouldn't get it. Not now anyway.

The whole approach to one year thing is definitely bitter sweet - at the risk of sounding ridiculously cliche. Of course I've had the time of my life watching her grow and change over the past 11 months, but having her first birthday is just the first of many reminders that my teeny tiny bebe is disappearing before my eyes and turning into a toddler who will become a little kid, who will transform into a teenager (gasp) and so on. I've said it before, I'm loving every stage as it comes. I've spent each stage in the past 11 months wishing that she'd stay that stage forever. Right now isn't any different. I simply adore everything about my 11-month old. I shall share.....

I have so many pictures of her that look like this because she loves my camera and is always after the strap. She likes to chew on it, as you'll see in a minute :)

She has recently mastered the sippy cup!
Well.... almost ;)

This is her sweet, sweet bathing suit for this summer (we didn't bother with one last year because she was way too little to be out in the summer heat). It's lavender with pears on it and a green ruffle at the waist with white polka dots. Oh, and a sun hat to match... be still my heart!

I wuv those duckie lips!

What is it about a bebe in just a diaper?

My brother decided not to shave for 3 months. Bebe wasn't a big fan.

We have tea parties with her stacking cups.

"I wish the paparazzi- I mean, MOM would get that camera out of my face!"

This expression craaaaaacks me up

Her hair grew overnight and is now all wispy and wavy, especially when she wakes up from a nap as in this photo
She had a cold in this next set of photos, so please excuse her red eyes and any snot/nose crust I may have missed in the editing process.

...sometimes the sippy cup still gets the best of her :)

So now the birthday party plans begin. This last set of pictures was taken for her party invitation since the vest she's wearing perfectly matched the one I had chosen (I used the 3rd one from the top of the set, in case you were wondering). I ordered them two days ago and they arrived today. They're perfect. I've also reserved a pavilion at the park where her party will be and booked a photographer to capture all the special moments so I can be part of them. This weekend I plan to try out my cupcake recipe to make sure it's the one I want to use. I'll let you know how it goes :)

For now it's late and I need some ice cream. I'll be back.


  1. DIBS on that red-and-white checked shirt and leggings outfit as a hand-me-down if baby B is a girl!!! HOLY SMOKES that's the cutest thing I've ever SEEN!!!!! I promise I'll give it back if Baby Beck 2 is another girl :]And we need to seriously discuss this whole "commune" idea at length, because I'm never going back to work and the scheming has officially begun ;] I know this because I look at Carsen and think, "If she was my baby, how would I ever leave her?!" ...and I'm quite certain that when it really IS my baby, that feeling will just be a gazillion times worse. I'm totally up a creek.

  2. You know she's beautiful right? What eyes and hair! Such a cutie. And you're so right, I don't think people who aren't parents understand quite how fast life can go until they have kids. Oh, and awesome idea to hire a photographer for her first birthday, I should totally do that!!


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