Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Boredness

I should watch throwing the word "bored" around, especially after the day I had yesterday. Those babies had it out for me! My daughter has two new teeth coming in and Austin had/has some bad gas. Good thing it was warm enough to open windows :)

But alas, my boredom does not come from the babies. I mentioned a few posts ago that my computer was having trouble opening Facebook. I went to the Mac store to see if something was going on. Wouldn't you know that it worked perfectly sitting there with them. They said Verizon customers have been complaining about the same thing for about a week now and it's not my computer, it's the Verizon service. It's so weird. Out of nowhere it just won't load the page. If I reset Safari then it will open up and let me log in. I can change between my profile page and the news feed. Sometimes it lets me comment on things, and I can send messages. But if I click on a picture or a link then it quits loading. Lame. Either way, I realized how much of my quiet time I pass by mindlessly browsing Facebook. Not really sure if I need to remedy that or if it's just the way it is, but at the moment it sucks.

Without Facebook I've been looking up random things like natural cleaning products and the iphone 5. My hubs and I have some busted up phones that are less than a year old but couldn't successfully serve as paperweights. They're awful. So we decided with some extra cash we came across we're going to bite the bullet and just buy better phones. I'm seriously considering the iphone but others aren't off the table. As for the natural cleaning, you know, I've been using vinegar for a few months. I love the fact that it's not a chemical, but I'll be honest the smell is getting to me. Everything I read said that it goes away as it dries, but it doesn't. It also really makes me avoid cleaning which then makes it that much more of a chore when I'm forced to do it. After a little research I think I'm sold on Seventh Generation stuff. They have disinfectants (which is important to me) as well as the standard kitchen and bath tub formulas. I haven't tried any yet but I'm looking forward to the scent of freshness vs. vinegar.

In other randomness, I can no longer see my computer screen. I thought your vision changed when you were pregnant. Ten months later I've lost my near sight. Oh yay! I feel like a grandma. It's actually quite annoying. I have a pair of reading glasses I used when I was teaching but they're just a pair of cheap ones from Target. They don't help. Gah.

Random enough post for you? I sure hope :) Ok, I think I hear a baby. Must go...

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