Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Still here

Yes. I am still here on this end. And miraculously you are still here on your end. Wow. And thank you :)

I am still here, though at times barely. As you've noticed there's not much time for blogging. There is a lot going on in our house. When I posted last I was preparing for 3 back-to-back weekends of baby & wedding showers. I made it through the first two, but got sick the Friday before the third one. That was of course the wedding shower for my sister-in-law which I was helping to throw, and definitely the one I was most looking forward to. We had even rescheduled J's surgery (more on that in a second) so that he would be able to stay home with C while I went to the bachelorette party over night. Instead I spent the weekend in bed/the bathroom. No fun at all.

The Monday immediately following that weekend, as in I was barely back on my feet, J had surgery to repair not 1, not 2, but 3 hernias. Ouch. We spent all day Monday, from 6 am - 6pm at the hospital between surgery and recovery. It was a long day. It has been just over a week since then and I have been doing my best to take care of him ever since. He is very limited in what he can do, though he is always one to push himself. He basically has a c-section incision across his lower abdomen, and another that runs from above his belly button, around his belly button and almost down to the other incision. Basically his whole abdomen was cut open.

Between an almost helpless husband and a busy toddler you see how there's just not much time to sit down and compose blog posts. Besides, would you really want updates on post-surgical care? Probably not. He had his follow up appointment with the dr. yesterday and will be home from work for 2 more weeks (this week and next). C and I love having him here, even if he mostly has to rest on the couch.

So that's most of what has been going on. There is more that I will talk about another day. Meanwhile, J should be feeling better and better every day so hopefully we'll be able to get him out of the house for a little fun before he has to go back to work. I'll try to do some more smaller posts focused on C and what's she's doing because she's always doing something cute :)

Just remember, I might not be posting every day, but I'm still here.

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