Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8 Weeks Out

Well, here we are at the 8 week mark already! In my last post I predicted finishing Carsen's big girl room right on today's self-imposed "deadline." I am a little bummed to report that it is not totally finished. All that's left is paint, and the color matcher machine thingy at our Lowes is still broken. I think I'll probably just go to the next closest store which is only about 15 minutes away and buy the paint there. I could also go to Sherwin Williams and pay more for the paint, or to Home Depot and have them color match it to one of the brands they carry. I hesitate to do that only because I know that Lowes has a zero-VOC paint+primer in one for a very decent price and I don't know if SW or HD have a similar product for a similar price, and I don't feel like doing the homework to find out. So we're a couple of days over our deadline, and I have to make a 15 minute drive to get the paint. Whatevs.

Additionally, while we've been held up with the paint issue, you may recall that we will be hosting Josh's friends for a Super Bowl party this weekend. That means I am in power-cleaning mode during nap times this week with a detailed list of what needs to be cleaned/straightened/tidied/etc. before we have company. I love the fire-under-your-tail that having company provides! My house always gets whipped into shape faster than you can say Martha Stewart when we're planning to host company. Why, then, it does not look like that all the time is explained simply by the fact that I'd rather play with my toddler than wipe down baseboards. Just sayin'.  Point being that some of the items from farther down my Baby Prep To-Do List are getting marked off early. For example, I did a pretty thorough deep-clean of the kitchen today that should require very light weekly maintenance from this point. Now I don't have to worry about doing that in a few weeks. Tomorrow I'll be tackling the living room, and later in the week I'll be doing a good cleaning of the floors. This is not to say that things won't need cleaning for the next 8 weeks (I wish), just that doing a thorough deep-clean in those rooms now will leave me with just easy maintenance for the weeks leading up to Reagan's birth and those shortly afterwards.

I'm also making decent progress in the baby-book overhaul (working on that mostly after Carsen goes to bed at night). I'm excited to share that when I get things a little more put together. Stay tuned!

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