Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, Why Not

It's 11:00 on a rainy Monday night, I'm eating peach pie, and I thought you should know this. Well, this and the fact that I am multi-tasking my pre-baby#2 to-do list (lots of hyphens...). As of tomorrow we are just 10 weeks (ish, because you never really know) away from the arrival of our new baby. I might be having some slight internal stress over that. I think having the holidays right in between "too early to worry about that stuff" and "OMG we're running out of time!" has kind of thrown me off. The items I'm trying to work on simultaneously right now are Carsen's room and her baby book. Seems kind of an odd to-do list as we're preparing for a second baby, but both are actually re-do's that I'm worried won't get done after the baby is here. I hate planning projects that never get done.

Carsen's room, like I've mentioned, is planned but I need the time to get it done (that is, not when she's sleeping in it and not when she's awake and running around my ankles. You tell me when that is). It's small, so I'm hoping it won't take too much time. I am insisting we go to Lowes tomorrow for some supplies I need so that is not a hinderance when I'm ready for them. I may also delegate some of the textile work (quilt, bedskirt, window valence) to my mom if I start running out of time.

The baby book re-do is actually going well. I think since she was our first, when I sat down to make it originally I tried to include too much (like half a million photos). Then I also had a store-bought baby book that I used more for recording milestones and such and I really just want that stuff in one book. I've decided to try to save myself some time by printing a lot of the page labels with some cute fonts I downloaded. Too many times I get annoyed if my own handwriting doesn't turn out perfectly, or it looks different one night than it did the night before. I can't stand that, plus hand writing everything takes a lot more time. So I'm working on typing up all the little labels I'll need on the pages, then I'll assemble the pages and fill in the photos. I'm limiting 1-2 photos per occasion to try and be reasonable and efficient. The plan is to use the same layout/template to put Reagan's book together, hopefully much more easily.

In other getting-ready-for-baby news, we're now officially on the 2 week schedule for doctor visits. I think that has also contributed to my sense of urgency. We have our next appointment Wednesday. So far everything has looked and sounded perfectly on schedule. I passed my glucose test with flying colors also, which was a relief since last time my sugar was somehow low and I had to go back for the 3-hour test. At this point I don't think I need any other testing or blood work! I've been feeling really good other than starting to run out of room for bending, reaching, sitting, and breathing. That's kind of annoying at times (shoe-tying is the worst) and much more of an inconvenience since I have a toddler to take care of this time. It's getting pretty hard to bathe her, dress her, put on her shoes, help her use the potty/wash her hands, lift her in/out of the car or high chair, and pretty much anything else that requires me to bend in half at the waist. I've also switched to eating small, protien-based "meals" 4-5 times a day. Sometimes it's an apple and peanut butter, or cottage cheese and fruit, or a hard-boiled egg. I just can't fit a big meal in there and I get super uncomfortable if I eat too much at a time. It's nice not ever getting super hungry though. I may even keep up that pattern once she's born. Lord knows you never get a hot meal with an infant anyway ;) The up side to getting bigger is that I can feel Reagan moving around almost constantly which is both fun and reassuring. While I'm somewhat uncomfortable at night I still feel like I'm sleeping pretty well, I haven't had heartburn or many of the other issues a lot of people experience later on in pregnancy. I'm just hoping my energy stays up over the next 10 weeks so I can get all the things done that I need to!

I should probably start by getting to bed....

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