Friday, February 22, 2013

Carsen's Quilt: Inspiration

Up next in the big girl room is to make a quilt, bedskirt, and window valence. I've decided to make, rather than buy, a bedspread because Carsen has a daybed (as you can see here). One side of the bed is against the wall and the other side has a railing so she doesn't roll out. That leaves no room for a regular twin-sized bedspread to hang over the sides so it would be all bunched up on the bed. Instead, I thought making a blanket that fit the surface of the bed would work better... and be cheaper! Here's a preview of my inspiration, fabrics, and plan!

I am not a quilter, first of all. Rather than following an intricate pattern, I am much more likely to eyeball something, or see a picture of something and make up my own way of achieving that final product. I also have pretty simple taste when it comes to decor. Especially for a child's room, I don't want anything fussy. I'm not entering it in a quilting bee at the state fair, I just want something cute and functional. So when I set out on a Pinterest search to find inspiration for a DIY quilt, I was really happy to find a rag quilt that seemed to be exactly what I had in mind.

This is my inspiration photo... 
{Tutorial found here}

I like how the mixture of fabric patterns makes it casual, yet sweet. The rag seams also give it a casual and handmade look. I am making a couple of adjustments to this pattern. I've decided to use one single fabric on the back side of the quilt while using the different fabric patterns on the front, I only selected 4 different fabrics to use instead of 7, and my dimensions will be a little different from the tutorial since I'm making it to fit the surface of a twin-sized bed. The great thing about this tutorial is that it's easily adaptable. You can take the basic idea and then customize it however you'd like. 

So here are the fabrics I chose held up to the wall in her room. It's a really gray day, so you'll have to trust me {or check back here} that her walls are not that dull of a color.

Since my mom is more serious about her sewing and has some quilting tools, I'll be measuring and cutting my fabric strips at her house this weekend and then assembling my quilt next week. I am so so so excited about completing this piece of the room. Not only do I really feel like it will help tie things together and give the room a more finished look, but I love that she'll have a blanket handmade by me. Hopefully my craftsmanship will endure for many years to come so she can take it to college with her and later force her future husband to respect her desire to feature it on a rocking chair in their bedroom or something... hahaha :) A mom can dream, right?

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