Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Food" for Thought

Here's something to consider next time you feel bad about not buying that oh-so-popular organic meat: People who take birth control pills consume 7,000x the amount of hormones every single day that they would get from each 8 oz portion of "hormone-laden" steak. And I'm guessing most people don't eat 8 oz of steak daily.

Dr. Jude Capper (@Bovidiva) shares her knowledge and puts the hormones found in beef into context.

I found that information to be startling as well as fascinating. To clarify- I'm not saying that hormones in meat are fine and acceptable. I think most people would prefer their meat as natural as possible. I'm also not saying anything about people who take hormonal birth control pills. That's their business. What I think is amazing about the connection between those two items, though, is the fact that everywhere you turn you hear about how terrible it is to eat meats from animals that are treated with hormones. There's an entire movement towards pasture-raised organic beef and chicken raised without the use of hormones. While I think that's great and people should opt for hormone-free meats whenever possible (not always an option in restaurants, and of course it's pricey in the grocery store or at the farm), It just baffles me that you hear no one raising such a fuss over the "hormone-laden" birth control pills that millions of people take every single day which contain SO much more of the same hormones that everyone considers "toxic" if it's in their beef. 

Confusing to say the least.

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