Thursday, May 2, 2013

She's Three!

Somehow, three years have passed since we welcomed our first tiny little baby girl into the world and officially set off on this amazing adventure known as parenting. I have yet to stop marveling at her every single day. I marvel at her sweetness, her intelligence, her creativity, her silly little sense of humor, her beauty, her quirks, how much she looks like me, how much she acts like her dad, her passion for pink, princesses and ballerinas, her endless energy, and her amazing capacity to love. She's just incredible, and I'm pretty sure I'll never get over her.

This year we celebrated her birthday with two small family parties. We celebrated with Josh's family at our house on a Saturday and at my mom's with my family on Sunday since we get together on Sundays anyway. She was so excited that it was her birthday and all her favorite people were celebrating with her. We also went to the Os game Saturday night. It was her first game of the season and she had so much fun.

 This was an easy DIY decoration - cut the number 3 out of cardboard and glued cupcake papers on it.

 We did an ice cream sundae bar instead of cake or cupcakes for zero prep/baking. It was brilliant.

Sunday at Nana's

We did get her a fork to eat with ;)

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