Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Big Sister

One of the questions we've heard most in the past 3 weeks is - "How does Carsen like being a big sister?"

The answer is... she loves it.

First thing in the morning she asks to see her baby sister. I usually bring Reagan in with me and let them lay in Carsen's bed and talk to each other while I get Carsen's clothes for the day. Whenever we see friends or family, she excitedly introduces them to Reagan and holds her hand out Vanna White style to say, "See my sister? Her name is Reagan!" She talks to Reagan when she's fussy and stops mid-play to give her a little kiss on the head. She loves sitting next to her in the car and sings her songs while we're riding. Sometimes she even gets upset and cries if Reagan is really mad about something. So far I haven't gotten Carsen to change any diapers, but she does think it's awesome if I need her to help me out by holding something, bringing something to me, or talking to Reagan to calm her before I can get there. A lot of times even when one of us is holding Reagan, she'll run over and ask to see her, talk to her, or hold her. She has started designating two items {like stuffed animals} as "Carsen" and "Reagan" whereas she used to identify them generically as a mommy and a baby. And while it may be short-lived, she often tried to share what she has with Reagan - everything from raisins to Barbies. It's pretty adorable.

Of course, being 3 and a first child, Carsen also has moments where she wants us to hold her instead of Reagan. This usually happens when Reagan is fussy or hungry and needs to be held, or when Carsen is tired and particularly needy. Otherwise she is happy to play independently just like before Reagan arrived. I still make a point of holding her whenever I can since she has always been a snuggle-y girl. I hate for her to fee like she never gets to have that anymore now that there's a baby in the family. After all, she's still my baby, too :)

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