Saturday, June 8, 2013

Game On

Yep, I'm back to training after an almost year-long hiatus for my pregnancy and the birth of our second daughter. I had an amazingly easy recovery so I got the all-clear to resume workouts with no questions at all.  It felt great to start up again after that big break. I really missed it though and looked forward to that first run for a long time. The biggest challenge for me right now {and for many mamas, I imagine} is finding the time to train. I went from having a toddler who naps for a solid 3 hours every day guaranteed, to also having a newborn that naps sometimes really great and other times not so well. While we're currently working on getting her into a good nap time routine, until that happens I can't count on a specific chunk of time during the day to run. So, for now I'm using any nap time I have during the day to prep dinner (something I can fairly easily walk away from and go back to as needed if she wakes up), and then doing my run when Josh gets home. Thankfully long runs are scheduled for weekends :)

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