Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's next?

So here's the latest on work... today we're in the middle of celebraing a birthday (the 6th grade teachers) and our two team leaders tell us that they are stepping down from their team leader positions for next year. Of course everyone was suprised, but none could blame them. The job is horrendous. So as we stand around and discuss this the conversation turns to who will be team leader next year. Each of us looks at one another and realizes, no one wants to step up. Then a co-worker points out, do any of us plan to leave? The truth hits us, if none of us want to be team leaders, and none of us is leaving, the administration will involuntarily transfer (to some other school, who-knows-where in the county) the least senior member of each team and bring in someone willing. On my team, that's me.

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