Thursday, March 27, 2008

Major Avoidance

Let me just say, I rule at procrastination. I have this paper that's due a week from today and I've been slowly working on it all week. The truth is, I just don't feel like writing a paper. I find it so hard to be motivated when there's still a whole week left to write it! On top of that, Josh took off work to enjoy some spring break with me today and tomorrow so that took the tiny bit of motivation I had and tossed it right out the window. This morning we watched Scrubs until after noon! Then Josh had work to do so I made some progress on my paper. It's coming along ok, I just don't feel like looking at it anymore. I'm even finished with the research part and now just writing about how the theory applies to myself. Why is that so hard?? Oh well.

In other news I'm thrilled to report that the last two movies we watched were such an improvement over the first three this week. I know you're just dying to hear me ramble about movies you've already seen, but we did end up watching Shrek 3 and Enchanted. I liked them both! Enchanted was my favorite but the little Shrek-babies were very adorable. I have to say I wasn't completely content with the ending of Enchanted, but I still liked it best out of all the movies this week. Tonight we're going to watch Bee Movie. Now this one is controversial because back when network television was on, Josh and I both got so entirely sick of seeing the extra-long, extra-lame commercials with Jerry Seinfeld for this movie. It was the other night before one of the cartoon movies that there was a preview for it. Josh made some comment about never seeing it just as I was thinking to myself -- "what if it's a cute story?" So I said to Josh, "but what if it's a cute story?" And today when he returned from taking Enchanted back he had Bee Movie. We sound like a couple of toddlers but the truth is, we had a hard time even finding a movie for last night because there was so little at our Red Box we were interested in. I'll be sure to let you know how we like this one.

In the mean time, Josh's parents are on their way over to visit and eat. And I have yet another reason to delay writing my paper.... CHEERS! :]

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  1. Hey this is just a quick hello to say I got your email and LOVED it. I've just been crazy busy because Madeline has been pretty dang sick. I've been literally cleaning up vomit and...well other things non-stop today. So forgive me for not writing, but I want it to be worthy of the email you sent me, so it will come soon! love ya


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