Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Highlights (so far)

I apologize for the brevity. There is SO much work to do and I really shouldn't be using this time to blog... but I know you miss me :o)

  • Kiddos so far have been really nice. The freshman are great because they're new and don't know what's up yet. Plus they're honors so they're interested in doing well. There are lots of very nice girls in those three classes. And the juniors are cool because they're just laid back. We talk and joke and get off task from time to time but they're also great about doing what I ask and getting the work done.
  • l've been offered a lot of lesson plans as I may have mentioned, but I've discovered that it's not possible to teach entirely from someone else's. People apparently don't actually write "plans" anymore, therefore too much time is spent trying to figure out how they used the handouts and activities in their arsenal. I've decided to just make my own which is challenging when teaching 2 subjects because it's double the work. Lots of textbook reading and investigating. And we're only in a week of review! This has taken over my life.
  • Had some fun technical difficulties this week too. All the new staff laptops were programmed incorrectly so we couldn't install printers or updates. They finally fixed that after a lot of struggling with printers, multiple computers and a fried flash-drive that I had been relying on.
  • My fall grad classes start tonight. I have no idea when I'll have time for school work in addition to work work :o( I'm scared. I think it will honestly be harder than last fall when I was teaching, starting grad school, and getting married.
  • I think I qualify for Bachelor's +30 pay!

Thanks for listening. I will try so hard to take some time for this in between everything else. I know I'll hit my stride and get a routine down, but right now it's just plain crazy :o)

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