Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making Progress

Well, there's not a lot of fabulousness going on here, but I figured, hey why not. So we're at day 5 of the South Beach diet. No one has cheated yet!! We're doing awesome. I won't say it isn' t tough. The cravings exist, but there are ways around it. I had a sugar-free latte from starbucks the other night and it wasn't bad. I've also allowed myself a diet soda here and there (you like that? "here and there"'s only been 5 days) if I've really felt the need. I also bought decaf coffee to have in the evenings after dinner. Since the advent of Starbucks, coffee to me is now a dessert, so I make myself a cup of coffee, dump a splenda in there and I'm in business. One of the best things about this plan is that you're almost always full. The food you can eat is so substantial that you don't walk around thinking about snacking or just wanting "something." I feel like I actually eat a lot less at each meal because the food is so filling. We're supposed to carefully have morning and afternoon snacks even if we aren't hungry, but I'm not sticking to that really. Hopefully it won't sabotage me in the long run! I haven't checked my progress, I'm too afraid it will say I gained a pound or something and then I'll be terribly discouraged. Josh on the other hand checked his weight the first day (like in the morning before we started the diet) and was already down 5 pounds. Figures. Men lose weight just THINKING about a diet! Why does God want women so round?? Anyway, I think we're off to a good start, though neither of us can wait for a fresh fruit smoothie on the 15th!

In other news.... we are dog-sitting my sister's dog this week while she's at the beach. It has been an interesting dynamic with 2 dogs instead of one, but they've actually been really good together. We've also been painting our three bathrooms. Originally we just wanted to paint them white because they're all kind of smallish and we thought white would help brighten them up a little. I used the white in the 2 bathrooms upstairs and didn't like the way it turned out. It wasn't a mixed white, just a plain satin white right off the shelf. I was careful to make sure it wasn't red-base, or blue-base or anything that had to be mixed. But nonetheless it came out a very harsh color. Next to the white bathtub tiles and the white toilet, it actually has a bit of a purplish cast. I would compare it to a flourescent lightbulb. You know how they're just different? Anyway, I decided I wasn't painting the main-level powder room that color, so I picked a nice green for in there. It turned out gorgeous and exactly how I hoped. After that we decided to do colors in the upstairs bathrooms too... yay! The master bathroom is a pale purple, and I'm undecided about the main bath. I'm thinking pale yellow for some brightness because it is a pretty small space. None of the bathrooms are put back together at this point so I'm not going to post pictures yet. But I will when we get the mirrors and rugs all back in place.

Aaaaaand with that, I actually need to go do my touch-ups in the master bathroom so it can be reassembled tonight. I only have an hour and a half, and then I'm meeting Jenna to check out Turf Valley as a possible wedding venue! SO exciting! :o)

ALSO.... what do you think of the re-decorated blog?? Let me know!

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