Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Second Easiest Week

Actually, it could be the first easiest. Last week was SUPER easy because it was exam week. It was only a 4-day week to begin with and included 3 half days, one of which I didn't even have any classes! The rest of which I was doing nothing but giving tests. So as easy as that sounds, this week has almost been as easy or easier. Can you believe it?? It started with Monday being a professional day (work, but no students). Monday wasn't that easy of a day. I ended up with computer problems which put me in the Social Studies office all day. I didn't get much done and ended up being there until 5:00 - boo. Then Monday night a snow storm came through and dropped about 2" of snow throughout the day on Tuesday. It was my first snow day this year! Hooray! Then as luck would have it, Tuesday night there was more snow, sleet, and freezing rain which left a nasty mess on Wednesday. Second snow day in a row... sweet! This morning I got up and started getting dressed when Josh said- "Let me go check just to be sure." As it turns out, we had a 2-hour delay! So my work week was ridiculously short. Tomorrow there are two assemblies, one in 2nd period and one in 3rd period. It's going to be a pretty easy day :)

So this week hasn't been all peaches and cream. I had a major Homer Simpson "DOH!" moment. Back before the holidays, I went to register for my spring classes. Two of my good friends and I were all signing up for the same two classes for the spring. However, when I went to sign up for our Advanced Techniques in Counseling class it turned out that the section my friends had signed up for was already full and you could only put yourself on a wait list. I was sad because that section was taking place at the Columbia campus and while it was 3 hours each week instead of 2, it did not include 2 weekend labs from 9-4 on Sundays. I ended up having to register for the section offered at the Baltimore campus which is only 2 hours each week but has the weekend labs - SO sad - but I also put myself on the wait list for the Columbia class. Well after a while I got an email saying a spot had opened up in the section that's held in Columbia- hooray! I was excited and asked them to switch me immediately.
So classes started this week. Upon arriving in said Advanced Techniques class, the instructor announces that we will be breaking into two groups and essentially having two separate classes. She called all the names of the people splitting off into the other group and both of my friends including one other girl we know were all called to the other group while I was left by myself. If that wasn't bad enough, I find out that this class will no longer be meeting at the Columbia campus, but at the maximum security prison in Jessop to counsel female inmates for the rest of the semester!! Oh snap.
The instructor asked if everyone there was doing the clinical counseling program and I said no, I am doing the school counseling program. As it turns out, the Baltimore section of this class had been designated for school counselors and will be more focused on children and adolescents. Doh! So when I hopped online to check it turns out that the Baltimore section is now wait list only. I emailed my advisor and the instructor of the Baltimore section begging them for any possible exception to switch my class. I also explained that I was a little uneasy about working with inmates. Thankfully they took mercy and the advisor said he would switch me right away.
So now I'm in the right class and hopefully my semester will run smoothly.

One thing that has gone surprisingly right is working on next steps for my dad. He is currently still in a stroke rehab center, but has been doing very well with all of his therapy. So we had a meeting today to discuss his progress and next steps. His therapists basically said he had met all of his goals and was independent in all the things they were working on with him. They even had him cook stew. And apparently not only was he able to cook the stew, but he was able to tell the therapists everything that was wrong with it (wrong spices, wrong ground beef- 80/20 instead of 93/7, and that it tasted like crap). The therapist said she tried to distract him by having a completely unrelated conversation while he was cooking and he still did great. If it's one thing my dad is particular about, it's food. He eats very simple things, but he knows how to cook them right (thanks to my grandmom, a fabulous cook). So my sister looked into an apartment for him to move into right near her house in Westmister and it looks like he'll be on his own within the next two weeks. This is very exciting considering we weren't sure when or if he would be able to be independent again. We did decide that he wasn't ready to drive yet, but everything else he can manage. Hooray for miracles :)

So, I'm pretty excited for our low-key weekend coming up. We have almost no plans... just a little sunday afternoon outing. We're not even watching the SnoozerBowl on Sunday. Is anyone else boycotting-- I mean, not interested in the game? And I hear there's more snow coming Monday.... :) I really don't want to be in school until July and Howard county doesn't build in any snow days so every one we use gets added to the end of the school year. But I have to say, February and March are grossly devoid of scheduled days off. I'm just not sure I can last that long! Literally there is no scheduled day off for the entire month of March. God help me.

Ok, well 30 Rock is on and I have to go watch it. If you've never seen it, you must make time to watch it. Heck, invest in the seasons on DVD. This show will not disappoint.


  1. I will not be watch the Squeelers in the Stupid Bowl ... I am not watching AT ALL. I dont care to see them win or lose for that matter. I cant stand to look at Hines Ketchup or Toy Pompadoro EVER AGAIN! dumb squeelers.

  2. Ben and I are going to Ron's for a Super bowl boycott party :)


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