Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10, 2006 <3

If you've been reading my blog long enough you probably know this story, but I'm going to tell it anyway because it's that special.

Three years ago tonight, I had agreed to meet up with a friend from high school for drinks. It was approaching Valentine's day (scarily close) and I didn't want to give this buddy-ole-pal the wrong idea, so I joked that we would get phone numbers for each other while we were out. We met at TGIFriday's in Reisterstown... wearing the same outfit. That's right, light blue button-down and khakis. It's a pretty standard outfit, it could have happened to anyone.

We had a decent enough wait that we got to chat and catch up a little before we were even seated, but upon being seated, buddy-ole-pal really turned on the charm. He laughed and joked with the waitress. I can't lie, I joined in. She finally asked us how long we had been together at which point I stated that buddy-ole-pal should only be so lucky.

We had our food- dinner for him, potato skins for me (I had already eaten)- and continued to talk and laugh as if it hadn't been five and a half years since we had done the same in high school. At the end of the night I needed a take-home box for the rest of my potato skins. Because he always gets the crayons at a restaurant, he drew me a lovely picture of a sailboat on my styrofoam box.

We parted for the night but continued to stay in touch and started hanging out more after that. Later I was informed that there were hidden messages in my sailboat picture that night... things like - "you don't know it yet, but this is our first date." Crazy. We got progressively crazier about each other and decided to be officially official on May 28th.

The rest is history. We were engaged on August 7th and, as you know, married in December of the following year. I've never been happier :)

PS- That year on Valentine's day, being that I was still technically single, I stayed home by myself and watched Sleepless in Seattle. I might make him do that with me this year since we decided to stay in.


  1. I love a good love story (especially a true one!) Congrats on finding each other again!

  2. Awww that's such a sweet story! :0) How romantic and fun! Hope you two enjoyed your "anniversary" a day I'm sure you'll never forget!

  3. I'm just glad he didn't throw coins at you that night and thank you for a good the old days :) Might have changed the outcome! You make an adorable couple--just like I predicted!!Amy Hurd


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