Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday, Leo!!

Here are a mere FOUR of my many many many favorite things about Leo, in honor of his fourth birthday today:

1. He is incredibly, beyond words, adorable. And he gets even more so every day the older he gets, and the smarter he gets.

2. He has a list of favorite songs, that he knows the words to and will sing along with passionately. This list includes: Dani California by the RHCP, Sweet Caroline, Rock Lobster by the B52s, Pork and Beans by Weezer, and the Theme from Dr. Pyzer by Ben Folds (which he "shakes his butt" to because it doesn't have words).

3. He is the inventor of the "Bear Kiss." A bear kiss is to go along with a bear hug, you see. Ben once asked for a bear hug (you know, in which you squeeze tight and "grrrrrr"), when Leo excitedly asked "And what about a BEAR KISS!?" then he went in for exactly what a bear kiss sounds like- a kiss with extra force and some "grrrrrr" to go along with it! Priceless.

4. Every time I go to his house he asks me, "Are you staying here for a little while???" and every time I see him elsewhere he asks when he can come to my house for a sleep-over. How can I resist?! You just can't help but adore a kid who adores you. Plain and simple.

So there you go. I could continue probably for 4 more years telling all about him and what makes him so stinking cute, but I'll leave it at these.

I hope you have a great Leo's Birthday :)

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