Monday, March 2, 2009

One More

And probably the last snow day of the school year. But that means I actually have enough time to sit down and write a blog post! I know, you're excited :) Check out the snow.....

I wish I could say there's lots going on, but it's really been more of the same. Lots and lots of work, the grad school semester has started back up, and my poor husband has been making great strides in his video games as a result. Though I must say he's turning into quite the chef as he has basically taken over the dinner duties. It has been a life-saver and it's so fun to come home and have surprise dinner cooking!

We're inching ever closer to Ben and Jenna's wedding. I'm now in the throws of planning her shower and bachelorette parties which are coming up in three weeks! It's going to be a lot of fun. Our [bridesmaid] dresses came in this week and they are lovely! It goes so well with Jenna's dress and the color is going to be very hot. They are moving right along with tastings and such. They've booked rehearsal dinner and are down to some of the fine details. I can't wait! I also need to be working on my speech. Want to see my dress? (picture it in burgundy... and on me!)

Additionally we're getting ready to do some big projects around our house. With our tax return we're planning to put new flooring on our entire main level. Right now we have a light wood (oak) laminate, and are planning to put down dark wood instead with less grain and wider planks. I think the contrast with our barely blue walls and white trim will look really nice and add a tad of sophistication to our casual little townhouse. We're also buying new living room furniture since our current set belongs to Ben and Jenna. Since they'll be moving to their own new place soon, we will be left with nothing to sit on. We've already done some shopping and decided we didn't want to pay a big price for really nice stuff since it will likely see the start of our family over the next few years and it's just not worth having furniture that you can't change a diaper on or can't risk a little spit-up on. So after looking around at a few local stores we decided to check Ikea. We looked at the Ektorp series of furniture that has a 10-year warranty. It also has full slipcovers that can be changed and/or cleaned. We decided this was probably the way to go for our current point in life. Have a look.....
In other news, my very good friends Andy and Laura Cooke just welcomed their second baby girl, Molly Rose, into the world on Saturday night. I was so excited that they decided to deliver at Howard County General since we're right down the street. We went to visit last night and spent several hours just talking and laughing. It was very fun to catch up with them, and very fun to cuddle with a brand new baby! We're planning to get one more visit in with them before they head back home to Frostburg. Here's Molly...

Outside of all that fun...

I'm just counting down to summer time and trying to plan a nice vacation. If there's one thing I need after this school year it's a week at the beach! We're considering either a week at the Outer Banks or a cruise- since they have ones that depart out of Baltimore. That would save the expense of driving, paying for food and entertainment. There's a 9-night Royal Caribbean cruise of the Eastern Caribbean that we're seriously considering, but everything depends on my grad school schedule. I have to take three classes this summer so I have to work around those. But I am determined to get a week of vacation this summer. We'll work something out!

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. I've been composing this on and off for most of the day. It has been a really nice relaxing day though. I have actually been talking to my sister on IM for a good part of the day too, which we never get to do! This is all in between meals, tv shows, loads of laundry, planning Jenna's shower menu, and other various and sundry lazy-day activities :)


  1. go on the cruise, spend the money, you'll NEVER be sorry you did it :)

  2. sheppie looks so cute out in the snow!!! chase was excited about it too.


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