Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Yom Kippur

Did you know today was Yom Kippur? You would if it was a holiday you got off work for. I'm lucky in that respect. I had the whole day to myself - though I would always rather spend a day off with Josh. He does not get off work for Yom Kippur. It's been kind of a busy day. I went to the mall this morning with three hopes in mind.
1. To find an adorable trench coat at Macy's
2. To get some answers as to why this MacBook likes to disconnect from the internet when left idle
3. To find a reed diffuser for our very small powder-room
It was a mostly unsuccessful trip. All I got was my trench coat. I'm thrilled with it, but I wanted the other 2 things too. Oh well. I think I've managed to get the second on my own and the third can wait a few more days I guess.

So right now I am just sitting here in our window seat watching some dark clouds roll in from the southwest and waiting for my cute husband to get home from work. It seemed like a good time to write a blog post. I really wish I had time to load up the pictures from this weekend when the kids were with us but I'm supposed to be leaving for my dad's in a few minutes so that will have to be a project for later. I can give you some of the highlights though...
  • Leo said on both Friday and Saturday, "This is the best day ever!"
  • Evan went to sleep on Friday night and Saturday for his nap with no trauma
  • I'm pretty sure all three kids had a lot of fun
  • Evan pointed to a picture of Jillian Michaels and said, "Mimi"
  • We got to watch my school's homecoming parade in full before the rain started
That covers a good bit of it. I'll try to post pictures sometime this week. We just bought a new tv, stereo system, PS3, and tv stand which we are supposed to be setting up sometime this week. So between class Wednesday and dinner plans on Thursday I may or may not be back before the weekend. I will try just for you though :]

Let me close with some positive events since I've failed to mention any in my past few posts...
  1. I've started my internship, and it's fun!
  2. Josh got a decent enough bonus from work that we were able to buy a whole new tv get-up! This means we can ditch the older-than-the-hills tube tv and the classy converter box that goes with it!
  3. We had a successful weekend with the kiddos
  4. I have a 4-day work week this week
  5. The first marking period is already 1/2 way over :-0
I think I'll save some of the others for a later date. There are more. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Yom Kippur and that it was a fun day for you!


  1. More good news? Perhaps baby-good news? Although buying a new coat through me for a loop.....

  2. oooooooYay for new trench coats! Hope we get to see you in it! :0) I love jackets...I love this SEASON! Coats, sweaters, jeans, boots, scarvs, cool breeze, crisp leaves...PUMPKINS...ahhh it's fall!


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