Sunday, November 1, 2009

For Am-EE

This post is coming to you by request from my friend Am-EE. As you may have noticed -- if you still attempt to read my all-but-nonexistent blog -- that I haven't posted in a good while. This is a result of the usual. Somehow I thought I'd have more time this school year but I really don't. My actual school day is much more busy, but I'm also pretty busy at home. Since my planning time is dedicated to my internship and therefore spent in the counseling office at school, my planning activities (i.e. grading, planning, etc) must be done at home. I've done a pretty good job of not having to spend all evening every evening on these things. However, Mondays I spend traveling to my dad's and helping him out with anything he needs. And Wednesdays I have class until 6:30pm. So those two days are mostly a wash. Anything else that needs to happen during the week takes place on Tuesday or Thursday and then we end up having weekend plans most of the time.

So that's kind of the nutshell version of what I've been up to. Am-EE sent an email to say "hey what's up" and asked when I was going to update my blog. This gave me inspiration knowing that there were still people (or maybe just person) out there who check my blog!

I told her I would try to be better about updating a few times a week even if they were small updates. I know I've said this before, but I am going to try for realz. I blame Facebook a little because it's so much easier to update that writing a blog post. There's also much more room to write in detail on a blog post than on Facebook, but again, time is the bigger issue for me.

Here are some positive events while I'm here:
  1. We're expecting! Most of you know this, but how can I not mention it as a positive event?
  2. I'm also waiting for one of my best friends to deliver her baby boy who is due TODAY!
  3. We're watching our first Ravens game on our new 50" plasma tv today! Let's go boys :]


  1. yay for blogging! I enjoyed it. It's better than reading through all the crap on facebook- i.e. all the people who post just ridiculous crap and blow up my status updates :)

  2. Um hello, you have at least one other loyal reader! I've been waiting for you to make your blog announcement. Yay for babies!

  3. tsk tsk tsk Em, you have many followers! I wonder all the time where the heck you, Amber and Jenna all went in my blog world, then I remind myself I too have not blogged in MONTHS haha, soooo I can't complain :0) But I must say I'd been DYING with anticipation of you announcing your pregnancy! I was hoping for a much bigger informative exciting blog but seeing as how I just may be the only follower who does not live near you or talk to you on some kind of regular basis maybe I'm the only one missing all the exciting deets :0) I could always prod Amber for them! I <3 babies and pregnancy and I'm SO OVERJOYED OVER THE MOON CANT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT for you and Josh and Baby Beck, lordy girl you have no idea! First baby's are always the most exciting too because it's all so NEW! You ARE a busy woman that's for sure and, if you're like me these days, any free time you DO have you'd much rather spend it with good company (or heck RESTING?!) than trying to pound out an update :0) As for the sex of your baby, not that it MATTERS because all we want is a happy healthy baby Beck, BUUUUUT I say girl, cause that way Sweet Baby Villard will have a lil gal pal to play with :0) And can I just say that there is certainly no better way to celebrate pregnancy news than buying a 50" plasma tv, holy! :0D


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