Friday, April 16, 2010

No Baby Yet...

I know you're checking like every five minutes to see if there is any baby news (ha!), but today there is not. We're about at the same point I was when I posted on Wednesday. Still feeling the Braxton-Hicks, still feeling some cramping from time to time but nothing regular, and nothing painful. We're just waiting it out.

I finished my last day of teaching today and my sub/intern is ready to take the reigns on Monday, all of my internship hours are accounted for, Josh made it through a massive conference yesterday and today, my sister got through her work day today and is now off until Wednesday, Jennie and Jenna both got their big tests over with this week.... could it be about time for a baby? I think so! Here's to hoping this little girl has some mercy on us and makes her appearance already :]

Meanwhile, this is what 39 weeks pregnant looks like on me:

We're about as ready as we can be...

We just need a little Carsen to put in all those things!

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  1. Everything looks so darn ADORABLE! I tell ya, that girl has more clothes than any of us. Yet I still find myself browsing the baby clothes at Target every time I'm there (which is about every other day...)! It really was very sweet of her to hang out til everyone was ready for her, but enough waiting already! :]


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