Friday, April 23, 2010

The REAL Due Date

For some, this post may be TMI. So consider yourself forewarned. Here we are at April 23rd. My due date according to the midwives who are my care providers, and according to my LMP, was Monday April 19th.

Last weekend, as some may have heard, we had a false alarm. I had a lot of pain and discomfort but the contractions were random and difficult to time. After 2 hours of sleep on Friday night, we went to the hospital Saturday evening just to be checked. I was curious if any progress had been made through all this and I really wanted to make sure the baby was ok since my contractions seemed to be coming but not really going. It was like I'd feel the tightness and tension of a contraction but it would last 5-6 minutes before relaxing again. That didn't seem right to me. Either way, we were sent home.

Monday came and went. Tuesday I had a little bit of a moment. I had been noticing some wetness that I was positive was not urine. I had read that sometimes when your water breaks it's a large amount at one time or it can be a slow trickle. So wondering if this was a slow trickle, I called the doctor's office. They said I needed to be seen right away to determine if it was amniotic fluid. I rushed in, it was nothing. They said it was probably just increased discharge as my body prepares. No big deal. No sign of anything. Go back to waiting.

Meanwhile, I'm trying not to think about it at all. I wouldn't say I'm really stressed, but I've got a lot of people checking on me and calling to see how things are going, and asking what's new on Facebook. I wish I had better news for them. So sometimes I indulge and start reading online. In doing so the other day, I came across something that said if your due date is calculated strictly on your LMP, then it may not be accurate. I, for one, do not have 28-day cycles. Mine tend to be a few days longer. Therefore, the date of conception would be later in the cycle, and then the due date would end up being a few days later as well. Now, we're talking a matter of 5-7 days or so, not weeks, but still. So, I found a due-date calculator online ( that takes your cycle-length into consideration. With those calculations, my due date is between April 23-25. Soooooo, we may not really be late after all. However, don't tell my midwives that, because at our appointment on Monday we're supposed to be talking about scheduling an induction, and I really don't want to wait two more weeks!


  1. Dear Em, well can I say I know how you're feeling. Almost the exact same thing happened to me (went to the ER for liquid leaking, but it wasn't my water breaking), had contractions that were really odd, and Maddy was over a week late. Now, this is said with a disclaimer that I support everything you decide, but I would just encourage you to be as patient as you can. I was so ready for Maddy to come that I went for the induction and really regret it. I wish I had let Maddy come on her own time because inducing me did not make me progress and I ended up having the c-section because of that. I know that's not always the case, but I'm just telling you as your friend that I wish that I had waited a bit longer. Either way, things will turn out just fine and Carsen will be here soon! lots of love

  2. Wow-pregnancy is such an unpredictable thing! I know all will work out the way God has planned it to be. Hang in there! I am enjoying reading your journey and will be beginning mine in just a few more weeks! Praying for all 3 of you!

  3. I'd have to say ditto on J and company's post. It's tough to say no to an induction, but letting Baby C come in her own time is the surest way to have a safe and uncomplicated birth. Don't make me refer you back to Lucy's birth story again! We're all dying to see her, but what we want the most is a wonderful, safe and successful delivery and wonderful memories for you and Josh. Just aim for peaceful and let Carsen tell you what she wants- the rest will work out beautifully. You'll know when it's really time. I think that the times you have to get a second opinion are almost always a false alarm! So excited for you two- hang it there babe!

  4. I'm with 'J and Company', I too had an induction, and while this is your first and you'll have nothing to compare it to :0) it's easier and less stressfull for you and babe to allow things happen to progress naturally, or maybe like Amberly did, a "natural" induction, where they strip membranes and break your water and see what (if anything) progresses. I think you're handling it very well, try to stay as calm and relaxed as possible, the last few weeks (especially if you're over due) are quite honestly the longest hardest days of pregnancy :0) But know that (I'm nearly positive on this) you WON'T go further then two weeks over your doctor calculated due date, because they will induce you to prevent you from going over that bench mark ;0) Your body is amazing Em, it sounds like you're ready, and lil Carson is ready too, and like I'd mentioned to Amberly, maybe all this work, all this discomfort and pain will ease you into a fast labor? :0) at least that's what I hope for you! :0) <3 good luck beautiful! Just think mama, by Mothers day you'll have a beautiful healthy amazing god gifted baby girl in your ARMS <3


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