Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update & Pictures

Well, I've only spent all day uploading and editing these pictures.... aka avoiding the work I need to do. The blog update has been long overdue, and I just decided that I was going to take some time today to take care of it. It might not be very wordy, but there are pictures to look at, so hopefully it will suffice.

What's new?
I'm on spring break this week with one more week after this to work before my due date. I've decided that if Carsen doesn't arrive by the due date then I'll continue working until she does. The only reason I decided to do that is because my substitute (also our intern) will be with me in my classroom starting on Monday when we return from spring break. So by the following Monday (the 19th) she should be ready to take over anyway. So if she's teaching by then, I can just be there in the background making sure the transition goes smoothly. However, with that said I have my doubts about making it TO the due date, much less past. More on that in a minute.

In other news, I've completed my internship hours (not really, but I decided that I will be writing in whatever is necessary for them to total 400). I've also finished 2 of 3 assignments I've had to do over this break. The only one left is my portfolio which I'm hoping doesn't take too long. The majority of it should be really easy. It will be a big sigh of relief to have my school work done completely. I've purchased my cap & gown for graduation and only need to get my mentor's signature on a few things and I'm good to go. Oh happy day! At some point in my life I will look back on this spring and wonder how I ever made it happen. And then I can be proud of myself because I did :]

Carsen's room is coming along swimmingly! There are still a lot of gift bags and boxes in there, but most of her clothes are washed, her bed is made, her diaper genie is ready for the first little diaper, and the rest is just details. I've been trying to just unpackage everything possible so I'm not fighting with it all when I need it STAT. So toys and bath supplies are ready for use, blankets are washed and in the closet, the diaper bag is ready for use except for a change of clothes (who knows how big she'll be and I figure I'll pick out her spare clothes when we're going somewhere so they can be weather appropriate). We also have her bassinet in our room and ready for business. The carseat is installed, the stroller and swing are ready for use, the pack 'n play is being shipped and should be here soon. Overall I'm feeling pretty accomplished and like our major bases are covered.

Let's see some pictures...

This is 34 weeks, I think. I still look small and cute :]

This is 37 weeks, and a shirt that my sister kindly lent to me since all my stuff was winter and it was going up to 90 degrees! It just happens to make me look very pregnant -- which I am.

I took these today - 38 weeks!!

We had our 38-week check up yesterday and the midwife was surprised at our progress! She said I was already dilated 1-2 cm, 80% effaced and "very ripe" and she could feel the baby's head. I was surprised myself. She said that she would bet her bottom dollar (her words) that we'd be meeting our little Carsen before her due date!

I found this to be very exciting news :] My husband has been totally on edge ever since I shared that with him. If I lean, touch my belly, exclaim anything, make any kind of grunt or non-word sound his eyes get big and he freezes as if he's going to need to catch a baby in a second. It's very cute :] I'm thinking we'll make it through this weekend but maybe not to the next one. We shall see!

And quickly before I go... how about a little Say What?! This is a cute one.
My students were creating an illustrated timeline and one of the events was the dropping of the atomic bombs in WW2. So the student stands up to show his group's illustration and describe the event for us, but he forgot the names of the cities. So I helped him out and whispered, "Nagasaki" and he says, "Oh yea, yea Nagasaki and Konichiwa!"

Happy spring! :] Next post could include baby pictures.....!!!


  1. Oh gosh this brings back memories! The husband on edge, the due date approaching, the anticipation of the first baby and not knowing to expect, the washing of clothes, the toys set out. It's so fun and exciting! Just don't forget one really really important thing. SLEEP! No, I'm serious. I know everyone says it, but you have to sleep while you can, even with uncomfortable pregnant belly! And be sure to get yourself a pedicure. It was the best thing I did before going into labor. Can't wait to see pictures of baby Carsen!

  2. Josh is so cute. You are looking great! I daresay you'd look much better with a baby on the OUTSIDE, but that's pure selfishness on my part. What wonderful progress! Just a little more and Miss Thang can just skip right out! I would totally not sleep when you're pregnant. What I would do is max out on going to the MOVIES. I miss going to the theater. And do it a LOT when Carsen is still in her carrier! I regret not taking in more movies. Now I just go alone. Don't get me wrong - kids are better than movies. I just miss previews. I should stop. You need to blog more this week! I love it when you blog!

  3. I, too, love it when you blog. Clearly. So while you're off, you should just DO that :] I love seeing updates!


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