Friday, October 8, 2010

A Walk in the Park

The weather in our part of the world today is just stunning. Temps are in the mid-70s, the sky is clear and bright blue. I figure, fall is upon us and days like this are surely numbered. So I decided that I would take the baby and the dog over to the park for some fresh air and a nice long stroll. After everyone had sufficiently been clothed, fed, and pottied (or diapered as the case may be), we got ourselves out the door and loaded into the car. Whenever I decide to take my dog somewhere I am always immediately reminded why I hate taking him places. While generally a good dog, he's excitable. So he whines and prances and tangles me up in his leash. Is a baby carrier and diaper bag not enough for me to juggle? Seriously.

So we get in the car and head over to the park which is about 10 minutes from home. We're singing, the sun roof on the car is open, and it's just generally a good time. When we arrive at the park I find a primo parking space and pull right in. I head to the back of the car and get the stroller out, get the baby carrier appropriately latched into the stroller and get the dog out of the car. As I look down to let the brake off the stroller I see this.....

(Those would be my fuzzy pink bedroom slippers)

Awesome, right? This in combination with the fact that I had to bat away no fewer than a dozen stink bugs in the 3 minutes that I was out of the car promptly brought our walk at the park to a conclusion. I might have gone back if not for the stink bugs. Darned if those little pests don't ruin everything. Thus, our fresh air for the day consisted of driving back home with the sun roof open, and then parking far away at Target!

Happy Friday :]


  1. baaaahahahahahahaha! Oh thanks, I really needed that! :0) I'm not surprised that your slippers just happen to be flip-flops :0) I once made it all the way to WORK with mine on. Love your blog!


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