Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Alrighty, it's been a few Mondays, so today I'm ready to jump in with all of my disclosures of the things I have not done, and let's be honest, would not ever do.

- I have never hit my own self in the mouth with my Canon Rebel when trying to quickly throw the strap around my neck to capture my baby doing something cute in the other room. And such an event certainly would not have resulted in a fat lip. Please, I'm way more coordinated than that.

- I would definitely not hear some of my formerly favorite tunes from not-so-long ago in my high school days and discover that I absolutely couldn't stand the stuff. What am I, my mother?? Ha! Not me. I'm still young and awesome.

- I've never allowed my baby to nap on the edge of my own bed (even if she would have rolled into her own bed) because that's where she fell asleep and I dared not budge her. That would be ridiculous since my baby naps perfectly in her own bed all the time!

- I would never turn on my iTunes visualizer in order to distract/mesmerize my baby so I could do the dishes. She is perfectly happy to just sit and entertain herself while I do household chores. This is why my house is sparkling.

- I have never driven myself, my baby and our dog all the way to the local park to set out for a nice long walk only to discover I was still wearing bedroom slippers.

- I certainly wouldn't stop in the middle of Central Park South to take a photo, only to realize I was zoomed too far out. At which time I definitely would not adjust my lens and take the photo while my husband stared back in disbelief from the other side of the street. Most importantly I would never do any of that while wearing my baby.

- I definitely did not vacuum my living room rug on the 'occasion' of a play-date with my sister and friend. I vacuum at least daily since my baby plays on that floor all the time!

- Lastly, I would not ever be so pathetically paranoid that I've gone racing into my bedroom, practically waking my baby, after I thought I heard faint coughing on the monitor and then convinced myself that she could be breathing her last breaths if that faint coughing were actually her choking on something even if there's nothing in or near her bed that she could choke on. I probably don't need a video monitor. Nope, not me.

Have any fun stories of things you have not been doing lately? Don't be ashamed! Join in on the Not Me! Monday fun and post your stories in a comment or on your own blog.

Coming up soon.... lots of pictures of what we've been doing, and why I have an issue with the breast cancer awareness campaign!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with the breast cancer awareness campaign. I feel evil for saying that, but it's true. I'm interested to hear your thoughts!


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