Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Fall Outing

When Autumn comes, it doesn't ask
It just walks in where it left you last
You never know when it starts
Until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart
-The Great JM

I believe this post could be likened to what blogger extraordinaire, MckMama, calls "Stream of Consciousness." Essentially, it will be a rambling about my fall outing this morning. Hold on to your hats....

I went out this morning with the purpose of finding a cute little fall or halloween outfit for my tiny cute girl. You know, something cute with leaves, or a pumpkin, or a black kitty cat on it. I started at Old Navy because they always have those cutesy little seasonal things. Sadly, nothing there for baby.

I then went to Target because if nothing else they have baby tops and bottoms for $4, and who can argue with that? Again I struck out on the fall or halloween outfit, but to boost my spirits I decided I would use my last bit of cash to get a pumpkin spice latte at the Starbucks counter. It was my first, and quite possibly my last, pumpkin spice latte of the season and... maybe ever. I'd venture to call it the worst cup of coffee I've ever had. And to be clear, my sweet sister in law who lives at our house just threw out every package of coffee in our cabinet (and there were a bunch) because they were expired. I mean, really expired, by a year or more. Ok? So I've had some bad coffee and this was the worst.
I drank about this much, and had to pitch it. Not only was this cup of coffee just awful (it tasted like the smell of a shoe store, that's the best I can describe it), but it cost $4 for the smallest size!! Hello, did they miss the part about me just buying a totally adorable onesie for my child for that same price?!

After Target I hit the road for Kohl's hoping they'd come through for me in the cute seasonal outfit department. What made me think going to these stores on a Saturday was a good idea, I'm just not sure. But when I got to Kohl's the parking lot was somewhat of a zoo. I found an open spot and as I pulled in a woman walked over to my car and informed me that she was waiting for a tow truck and could I leave that space open. Sure thing. I found a spot but on my way in to the store I noticed two women in a car who had parked right up front in a handicapped space.
As both of them stepped out of the car on their own two legs, the driver placed her handicapped hang tag on the rearview mirror and they walked into the store. Am I wrong for having an issue with this?

Fortunately, I found good news inside Kohl's...
The outfit in the middle was actually from Target, but it still had nothing to do with fall or Halloween.

The other good news? I was pretty cute in my new denim jacket, and yes it was chilly enough to wear a real jacket. Sigh.

Also good news, my tiny sweet bebe was in the best mood the whole time we were out!

And then when we got home, I washed dishes and made a sculpture with them in the drain rack :]

The end!

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  1. LOL on the dish rack sculpture! And so sad about your pumpkin spice experience :( And your tiny sweet baby is betting prettier my the minute! Can't wait to see you guys today!


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