Thursday, November 11, 2010

6 months

What can I say? I have a very happy 6 month old :) We were playing one of her favorite little games when I took these pictures. Basically if you turn your head away from her then turn back quickly, she thinks it's really funny. Sometimes I'll say something when I turn back, or make a funny noise or a funny face. I think this day I was saying "oh my goodness!"

So aside from smiling and giggling and being in love, here are some things my sweet tiny girl is up to these days...
- She has been sitting up unassisted for about 3 weeks now.
- She has her two bottom teeth, finally! They took a long time to come through.
- She babbles, sings and squeals all day long.
- She is absolutely fascinated by our dog. Sometimes she looks at him and just squeals, even if all he's doing is sitting there.
- She is in a very good nap/bedtime routine. She takes 2 usually 2 hour naps every day and sleeps for an initial stretch of about 6 hours before she wakes up at night. Yes, she still wakes up at night. We're working on it, but there are several reasons why it's going to take us a little longer.
- She still loves to sing and dance, it always makes her smile.
- She sits in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs now and LOVES it.
- She is more and more aware of other kids and babies so she has really started interacting with her cousin Cara who is 4 months older. It's so sweet, and now she has 2 new younger cousins that she'll be playing with once they're big enough.
- She also likes playing "where's the baby?" We'll sit her lovey on top of her head and she will reach up to pull it down.
- You saw my previous post on food and cereal. She ate her oatmeal yesterday like she actually liked it, so I'm remaining optimistic that she will stick with it.
- No signs of crawling yet, but she does love to stand (with our help, of course)

I think that covers most of it for now. If I get a chance, maybe I'll do another 24 hours next week. I have several new topics lined up though, so check back soon! Here are just a few-
- When strangers ask...
- A revolutionary new diet I'm thinking about trying
- Some current event news items
- My attempt at all natural cleaning


  1. Looking forward to your pending future posts! I don't know which one I'm most excited for!

  2. Love, love, love this! Isn't this age so much fun?!?!?! They are growing up so quickly...which makes me a little sad. Where is the pause button?


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