Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two Hours

That's how long my baby usually naps, twice a day, every day.

That's also how long it has taken me to get my baby to nap every single day this week. And at that, she has slept for a max of 40 minutes. My rule was when we had cried longer than we slept, it was over. Time to get up and move on.

So that's what happened to all those fun blog posts I had promised you at the end of my last one. I still want to write them, so hang in there. Yes, hang in there, as in right now is not when that's happening. Sorry. But I do have something fun to share with you in this post! So don't despair :) We're also getting ready for our first big trip with a tiny one in tow. We're headed 3/4 of the way across the country to celebrate Thanksgiving with some relatives. We leave on Tuesday, so I've actually spent this past week trying to get everything together, organized, ready, and cleaned before we go. Doing all this with a 6 month-old who doesn't want to nap? Ick. It's been challenging. I feel like all I've done this past week was nap time and packing.

And when she would go to bed for the night, I was working on a fun new undertaking of mine. Have you ever been to the briar.claire Etsy store? Well they have some of the gosh-darned cutest little baby hats and accessories and I'm in love with them all. However, I realized it would be a little unreasonable to buy everything from that store, and since I used to crochet when I was a little kid... why can't I do it now? A little hat can't be too difficult to make, right? Some of those little flowers glued to a hair clip? I can totally do that! I haven't done any hats or flowers yet, but I did do the following, seen here on my blog for the first time ever....

What is that? Why yes, it is a tiny sweater for your coffee/cocoa cup!! Go ahead: ooooooohhh, aaaaaahhh! They are incredibly stylish and adorable, and would make darling gifts for the holidays.

Think you want one? If you email I will be happy to get one right to you for $5.

I can also make them in pretty much any color. I have pink and purple right now, but if something else suits you then just let me know in your email and I'll make it happen! Eventually I might open a store on Etsy when I get to making things other than cup sweaters :)

Ok, signing off as my tiny napper has awoken. Check back for those other fun posts sometime after Thanksgiving. I doubt I'll be blogging them while we're away.

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  1. I love it Em! I am thinking about ordering some for Christmas :)


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