Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extra Extra!

While this isn't technically an "Extra" post (since I don't post every day) it is a news post! Therefore, the newsy title :)

This is also a late post. Those of you who know me on Facebook have already gotten this news. Our baby girl is crawling! I have an adorable video of her crawling for the first time (shot on my fabulous Flip camera) on Jan. 9th. What took me so long to write this was my trying to upload the video to Blogger and it taking longer than over night. What the what? Does anyone know a good way to upload videos? The Flip shoots in HD, so I know the file is large. I'm not sure how to cut down resolution though. I guess it will take some playing around to figure it all out. But look out when I do :)

NOT her crawling for the first time, but a photo of her crawling to the shoe mat pretty much sums up her motivation for crawling in the first place.

In other news, my nephew Austin is now coming to our house every day while his mommy & daddy go to work. We are having so much fun with him, and adjusting to the challenges that a 3 month old baby has added to our day. He's super cute though, so any challenges are well worth it. Baby Girl loves sitting on the floor talking to him. He is just now figuring out how to use his voice also, so he jabbers back at her a lot.

A very happy photo of a very happy Austin!

Lastly (for now), we have a snow day today! Most school districts near us closed today so some friends came over and we are hanging out at home. My sister-in-law is studying with her classmate, her boyfriend is playing video games with my hubby, and I am hanging with the babies (who are sleeping at the moment, yes I'm that good).

Earlier before naptime, my cute baby showing Michael the right way to play X-Box

I have a post coming up of my most favorite recent photos of our sweet baby girl. She has started making some pretty funny faces and is generally just the cutest thing I could ever imagine. So I will share some of that cuteness with you -- y'know, the next time I get both babies to sleep at the same time! Ha!

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