Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Goals

Have you made a New Year's resolution? I haven't. I try not to do those. It always seems like the same things and they pretty much never happen, or people only stick to them for a little while. I prefer to set some goals for the year instead. Goals have a deadline. There's a definitive point of accomplishment (if you set them properly). Plus it just feels better to say I'm working toward a goal than I'm sticking to my new year's resolution, or I accomplished my goal rather than I stuck to my resolution all year. Yknow? That's my take anyway.

So I've been thinking about my goals for 2011. What do I want to do this year? Here are some things I've thought about so far. I may add more...

-I like organizing. So I think I might try to get my house more organized. Having a baby this year both gave me greater cause for organization and less time to do it. My goal is one room each month.

-I also like saving money. I stopped working this year, so we've done some general off-hand budgeting, but I'd like to take a good look at our budget and create one that makes sure we're saving money. Then I want to seriously stick to it. My goal is to have a budget set by the end of January and stick to it at least through the year, then we can reevaluate.

Those are my more serious "need to be done" goals. I'd also really like to sell my elliptical machine ($300 negotiable, for anyone who's asking). It's in perfect condition and works great, I just prefer a treadmill. I know they're supposed to be worse on the joints, but there's something about actual running that makes me feel better. That said, I'd like to get back into it and maybe sign up for some races - again, the deadline factor will get me running regularly. I could just run outside but I'm too much of a sissy for that. I'm not going out in rain, cold, or extreme heat. I can't run while my baby naps and I'm not investing in one of those strollers to push her while I run. And I'm definitely not dragging my tush out of bed at some ungodly hour to run in the mornings. I won't run while it's dark because I'd like to see my family again. Yea, treadmill it is.

I also have some things in mind that I'd like to do around our house. I really need to decorate our bedroom. It's builder paint with a few pictures I finally hung on the walls. But generally it looks like crap. Our house also needs new carpet and some various other flooring, but that might have to wait. We'll see what the budget looks like!

So, any goals for 2011? Do share. You may inspire the rest of us!

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  1. Run? That is one of my "goals." I plan to run at least 3 times per week starting this week....eeek! But, if you'd like to do a race, I would love to do it with you. A fun one coming up is the Shamrock 5k in March and I think we could manage 5k in 3 months???? Anyway, ponder this and let me know :) We can be running buddies (I can check up on you and vice versa ;) )


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