Monday, January 10, 2011

Not Me! Monday

A little late in the day, but as promised, here is my Not Me! Monday post chock full of silly, crazy things I have not done!

I did not have a brief moment of sadness for missing my cute former car when I saw one in the grocery store parking lot. It's just a car, after all. I also would never need to look up one of my daughter's outfits on to figure out which pants go with the top. All pink baby girl clothes definitely do not seem interchangeable. My precious girl has definitely never done anything to warrant a "no no" from me (not even attempted to play with the dogs toys or swipe remote controls from the coffee table), nor would I find it super-duper cute if she melted down afterwards upon realizing she had been scolded. Nope. Not me. I have never kissed my sweet baby's cheeks only to later taste something in my mouth that would turn out to be a boogie. First of all, my darling little girl would never have a stray boogie on her face, and if she did I would certainly notice immediately and remove it with a tissue!

There are a few things I have not been doing these days. Don't forget to share your own Not Me! confessions in a comment or on your own blog.

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