Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Forgot to Mention...

Remember my post not too long ago about goals for 2011? Somehow I managed to forget one pretty important goal that I've set for myself. In 2011 my teeny tiny sweet little bebe girl will turn one. In fact, that is happening in less than 3 months! I know, hard for me to imagine also. One of my goals for 2011 is to have her first year scrapbook completed by her birthday. I would really like to have it on display at her birthday party with a few pages for family and friends to sign. I will of course add the birthday party pictures later. That said, here I sit with not a single page even started. I do have a book and a LOT of photos, but I haven't started the actual project yet.

I have to say, the difference between being a stay-at-home mom and being a babysitter and stay-at-home mom is a lot greater than I thought it would be. My nephew, Austin is at my house for about 10 hours a day from 8 am to just before 5 pm. While he's here I am pretty much feeding, holding, changing or putting one of these babies in bed at all times. Rarely do I get them to both sleep at once, and if I do (Austin sleeps in the little play area on my main level) I basically find something quiet to do so I don't disturb anyone. There is no cleaning, tidying, washing dishes or laundry. My dog follows me if I leave the room so the sound of him walking on our hard floor sometimes makes enough noise that Austin wakes up. Nothing gets done during those hours other than baby care, which is fine. But in the after work hours I then have all of my regular housekeeping to do, plus I like to spend some time snuggling my baby since my attention is so divided while Austin is here. The point here is that scrapbooking is pretty low on the priority list and well, to my knowledge, there's no way of adding more time to the day.

This weekend my cousin is going to a scrapbooking get-away. Sounds like fun, but it would mean giving up more time with my baby girl, and she is already showing signs of missing me as it is. She has gotten super clingy. I'll be honest, it makes me a little sad. I know it's good for her (to a degree) to get used to not having my undivided attention. But at the same time, I struggle with not wanting to make her give that up until it's necessary (like when we have another child). Ah well, this is turning into way more than what I had originally intended. Ergo, I will sum up...

I'm declaring a new goal of completing three scrapbook pages per week for the next few months until my bebe's birthday party. I'm sure even that will not be enough pages to hold all the photos I already have, and I've only printed up through the fall. The idea is to have a goal though, and that will give me something to aim for and will hopefully result in at least something getting done! I'll keep you posted.

As for my other goals, here's where we stand:
- We did not make a budget! Hubby just took a new job though so we will make it February's goal to have a budget made up with that new salary :)
- I have sold my elliptical machine and purchased a treadmill which I have been using and LOVE. Yipee!
- I have NOT organized one room for January, but I did just read an article with some fun and interesting organization ideas in it and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try some of them. I will again make it February's goal to organize one room (does a powder room count? LOL!).

Do share your successes, or ahem, shortcomings with regards to your new year's resolutions or goals! You might inspire someone else :)


  1. I hear ya! I'm in the same boat when I watch Colby (Johns Grandson) you wouldn't think adding an extra baby to the mix would be all that hard...but it is :0) Maybe it'll just have to be a weekend project? Give yourself a few hours every weekend to work on it, I'm sure the hubs would be accommodating? Best of luck!

  2. i started a snapfish photobook of jay's first year...just a suggestion, just upload and click- easy peasy!


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