Monday, February 21, 2011

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Happy Presidents' Day! Hopefully most of you are off work for the holiday and doing whatever your heart desires. I was scheduled to have Austin today but it seems there is some food poisoning or a stomach bug at their house today so they stayed home. I will never complain about a surprise day to spend with my hubby (off for the holiday) and my gorgeous little bebe. Currently she is napping, and I ran out of nail polish remover after cleaning only 6 of my nails, so I figured it was as good a time as any to write a new blog post! I don't have a specific topic so I'll just carry on about what we've been doing lately.

A couple of weeks ago my husband started a new job. That has been wonderful. He's still in the same industry just working for a different company doing what he started out doing a few years ago. He loves it and that makes me happy. At his previous job his group had basically been given a "stop work" order and he was literally doing nothing for the past several months. You can imagine how miserable that was (sounds dreamy to some, I know, but it got old quick). So I know have a happy, energetic husband again who wakes up smiling, comes home smiling, and generally is feeling purposeful and awesome again. I will also throw out that he pretty much named his salary for this job and that makes us all happy!

Otherwise, as you know, I am pretty much at home with the babies during the week, but our weekends are often packed full of activities. This past weekend, for example was both busy and relaxing. Friday night we stayed home and did some much needed cleaning and tidying. That stuff just doesn't get done as frequently now that I don't have time to do it during nap time (whenever that happens). It also helped that I was hosting a Mary Kay party on Saturday morning. There's nothing like some company to motivate me to clean my house. The focus was my main level (living room, play room, kitchen and powder room) since that's where the company would be, thus the basement and my bedroom may have suffered a little in absorbing some of the extraneous clutter -- wait, what? Strike that, I don't have clutter in my house.

Saturday morning I woke up at usual time (7 on the nose) and got started on party preparations after I got my bebe fed, changed, and dressed. I baked some cookies, cleared off my counter tops, and set out some appetizers and beverages in my most beautiful serve ware and pitchers (because it's just more fun that way). My cousin is the Mary Kay consultant who was doing the party for me, so she arrived a little early and we got to chat while everything was getting set up. Luckily my tiny girl went to bed for her morning nap just before my cousin arrived. My girl friends showed up and we got to pamper our skin for a bit and try out some make up. Then I tossed some lunch into the oven (puff pastry filled with ham & provolone on one half and pepperoni & mozzarella on the other half -- so quick, so easy, so delicious!), and we got to visit, shop, and eat. It was a busy morning, I won't lie, but so much fun! Then I had no plans for the rest of the day. Me and the hubs just hung out, watched tv, he played some video games, I laid on the couch with him. It was awesome. That evening after our bebe girl went to bed we ate some dinner (leftover chinese, yum) and watched Sleepless in Seattle. It's a Valentine's day tradition for us (though now that I'm a mother it was a little more heartbreaking to see the little boy missing his mom and wanting his dad to find love again.. ouch!). But all's well that ends well, and we went upstairs to snuggle the night away.

Sunday morning was another busy one. We were up an hour early because our little lovey girl woke up early for reasons unbeknownst to us. Gah. We had to hurriedly make ourselves both church appropriate and all-day comfortable before racing out of the house on empty stomachs to make it to a 9:00 baptism 30 minutes away -- oh wait, and drop our dog off at the in-laws on our way there! Eeek. We made it to church only 10 minutes late, somehow. After the baptism we spent most of the day at the in-laws visiting and eating. It was nice to hang out with everyone and still make it back home for afternoon nap. And when I say afternoon nap, I mean we ALL took an afternoon nap. It was glorious! Again, some leftovers for dinner and some tv/vegetating afterwards.

And that brings us to now. We're at the 2-hour mark for baby girl's nap so I anticipate she'll be up any time now. I think maybe we'll head out to Target or something when she gets up just to enjoy the fact that we can leave the house in the middle of the day. Next weekend is a 4-day weekend for me. Austin's grandmother is coming to town so he will be at home with her on Friday and Monday. Who knows what kind of shenanigans we'll get into then! Stay tuned... :)

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